St. Paul's School of Nursing September 2018

  1. Hi everyone, is there anyone here trying to apply for September 2018 class?
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  3. by   sirI
    Welcome surgeryavid,

    We moved your thread to the Schools/Colleges forum for the best response. Good luck.
  4. by   Lpn-J
    Yes, have you completed your hesi? Have you been accepted yet?
  5. by   surgeryavid
    Yes I finished the HESI. Haven't heard anything from them. Did you finish yours?
  6. by   Lpn-J
    Yes, I passed on 6/8. I am anxiously awaiting a call. When did you take your exam?
  7. by   surgeryavid
    I actually took mine 5/25. Same here. They said it's either call or letter. I keep checking my mail everyday lol
  8. by   Lpn-J
    Me too! Lol I hope we hear from them soon. Are you applying for day or evening? Do you have any pre requests? Also if you don't mind me asking how did you do on the hesi and was it your first time taking it?
  9. by   surgeryavid
    I'm applying for day. My score is not as good. My math is 82 and eng is 80 I wish I could retake it to make it higher but they said I already passed. I hope it won't make any problems. How did you do?
  10. by   Lpn-J
    I did pretty good. I got a 98 on math, and 88 on English. I heard it doesn't matter though as long as you pass. Keep me posted. Good luck!
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  11. by   surgeryavid
    That's nice. I wish I rested well the day before. Let me know too if they call you.
  12. by   swtxms1005
    Hey guys I took mine back in April and still no answer. I passed HESI with 86% for evening. I wonder if they factor my GPA too.
  13. by   Lpn-J
    Have you called? I believe it's a 3-4week waiting period.
  14. by   surgeryavid
    Wow that's a long time. I think it's better if you call and ask.