South University? Yes or No

  1. I already have a BS degree in a totally different field from over 10 years ago.I have been considering Nursing school for some time. I am in South Carolina and have been looking at South University but I would like to know if this is a wise choice versus a tech school like Oc tech or Midlands. Someone please help I truly don't know what's best. I would really like to know the pros cons . Thank you I'm advance.
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  3. by   avaloncar
    I graduated from South University in 2012. I enjoyed the program. It is an accelerated program so you will be hitting the ground running. SU is expensive so get ready to take out some loans. The program is hard. I can't sugar coat it. Most of the time you are teaching yourself, the teacher will teach, give you power points but you are responsible for reading the chapters and learning the information. The teachers are approachable and they will guide you for what you need to know. But they will not spoon feed you, they need to see you are doing all you can do before you go to them.
    All my classmates got jobs after graduation (I moved) in the hospitals we did our clinicals at and/or senior preceptor experience. One person failed NCLEX out of 9 people in my class and that was only because that person had bad nerves. But this person was an A student so it wasn't that we didn't get a great education.
    I don't have any perspective on the other schools, sorry. Hope this helped!