Seton & St. Davids Nurse Residency Febuary 2018

  1. Hi everyone I thought I would start a thread for GNs applying to hospitals in the Austin Area! Anyone apply yet or hear anything??
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  3. by   mlrslate
    I had my face-to-face interview yesterday! So excited to hear back.
  4. by   mlrslate
    Got an offer!
  5. by   s.leblanc2014
    I just applied today to a few different positions. I'm a soon to be ADN from Houston. Best of luck to us
  6. by   ol2524
    Has anyone applied from out of state yet or heard back about interviews for Seton/Dell Children's?
  7. by   TTUBSN
    Got an Offer at St. Davids! Anyone else?
  8. by   guavanueva
    Hi all-

    Can you tell me approximately how long it took you to hear back from either Seton or St. Davids? Any info would be greatly appreciated and best of luck to all!!!
  9. by   guavanueva
    Do you know approximately how long it took you to hear back?
  10. by   bm.walker
    Hello Everyone!
    I am currently looking into applying St Davids and Seton for Summer 2018, however, i would like to get some background on everything regarding the program from some of you who may have already started... I would also love any tips/info you guys have regarding the open house event, resume building, and the interview process.

    Thank you in advance!
  11. by   EmmaTX
    Do you have any idea when the Seton residency application opens up for summer 2018? I can't find any information online, and it's driving me nuts! I'm going to the open house this Friday, so they will most likely tell us then, but... I'm still unsure lol.
  12. by   CaitlinWillson
    They opened March 1st for Seton
  13. by   kathryn.stewart.1010
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the PCU graduate nurse program at the Heart Hospital of Austin. I received an offer from them and it seems great, but would like some insight into the program. Any information helps!

    Thank you in advance.
  14. by   Nursing5647
    does any one know what the base pay for new grads is at st davids?! trying to decide between seton and st davids! Thank you!