Seattle Pacific University Interview for admission

  1. Hello everyone! I applied to SPU nursing program for Fall '14. I have been asked to come in for an interview on the 22nd with a few other applicants. Have any past SPU students gone through this process? What kind of questions do they ask? Suggestions on preparation? Also, we are going to be asked to write from a short prompt that is given to us. Any information on past ones? Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone else who is interviewing!
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  3. by   cw.sea

    I applied SPU's nursing program for Fall 2014 as well and I believe this is their first time doing the interview (there's a writing section ???). I remember checking last year's application and they did not require an interview, so I think this whole interview thing is new to everybody.

    Also I was told that SPU will email/mail you a letter sometime this or last week stating whether you are considered or not considered for the interview, is this correct? When did you receive yours? Because I have not received anything and I tried calling them and it seems like there's been a few technical issues with my application...hopefully everything will work out well.

    Good luck with the interview, hope to see you there!
  4. by   hopefuldream
    I also applied to SPU, but haven't heard anything back yet. I checked the banner on their website and it seemed like my application is completed..I'm so discourage. The interview should be next Saturday on the 22nd, hoopefully I will hear back from them soon.
  5. by   mcewen.trio
    I called and spoke to someone in the nursing department and it was explained to me that this is the first year they are doing interviews. Also, the writing prompt is a short, 5 minute writing prompt. They will give us a question and we will have 5 minutes to write. It is timed.
    Best of luck! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to interview!
  6. by   cw.sea
    Hey hopefuldream you should try calling the SPU school of health sciences because I just received an invitation to the interview today. There were a few technical difficulties that occurred when the nursing faculty reviewed my application which delayed their response. But yes, the staff and faculty have been extremely kind and helpful, good luck I hope you hear back soon!!

    mcewen.trio, thank you so much for providing details of the interview and the writing prompt. At least now we know a little more on what to expect for the writing prompt. Do you think it's to measure our English proficiency or to know more about us as an applicant?

    Again, thank you !!
  7. by   mcewen.trio

    I'm not sure what the purpose of the writing assessment. They could be looking at both, English proficiency and to learn a little more about us. I can honestly say I am nervous about the whole process. Fingers crossed! My interview is scheduled at 9am.

    Good luck!
  8. by   hopefuldream
    I'm happy for you guys and good luck on the interview. So does that mean all of you have been accepted to SPU and now just waiting on the school of nursing? I applied way back in December and I emailed admission office today to see the status of my application and I got an email back saying that everything is complete and just waiting for review and that I should hear back 1-3 months? (maybe it's for the school and not nursing school?) Hopefully I will get something in the mail next week....
  9. by   hopefuldream
    So how was the interview? I also got an opportunity and went there, but I don't think I did well. Now the waiting game is one. I guess we'll hear back mid march?
  10. by   mcewen.trio
    I felt the questions asked didn't provide much insight into who I am and what I have to offer.
    Hopefuldream, what time did you interview? I wonder how many candidates were interviewed?
  11. by   hopefuldream
    I felt the same way. The questions were more of like to see if you can smoothly answer them on the spot, it didn't really give me an opportunity to really talk about who I am. I was disappointed at myself, I wish I can do it over lol. My interview was at the very last. How about you? The nursing student I was talking to told me that there are about more than 100 candidates?? I think they have a r/s interview day too. Only 64 spots though I think I will not get in.... I was so nervous that I rambled on random stuff..I've been sad after the interview. We'll, I'm going to look at a brighter side, if I don't get into SPU then I'll just attend the nursing program at a local CC that I got accepted into. (Sorry if I misspelled-fat finger on the small iPad keyboard lol). Well, let's keep updated on how things go, about three more weeks and we'll know the answer.
  12. by   mcewen.trio
    I was in with the first group of interviews at 9am. What is the r/s interview?
    Just the fact that I am a transfer student, I feel my chances are very slim. If I don't make it, then I'll also go the route of a cc. The next few weeks are going to drag by I fear!
    I'll be sure to post something here as soon as I learn anything!
  13. by   hopefuldream
    You were lucky to have such an early interview. I would love to have that rather than being the very last group. As for the reschedule group I over heard them saying that the questions need to remain confidential because there are still ppl coming in on another day. Do you mind me asking what's your overall gpa and nursing prerequisite gpa? Mine cumulative gpa is 3.5-not so good cuz I slacked of after finishing high school, but my nursing prerequisite is 3.989. Maybe that's how i got an interview. But like I said previously, I didn't have much experience with interviews so I definitely bombed the whole thing.
    You are right, these next few weeks are going to drag forever. I'm so anxious, I checked the mail/email everyday.... Did you apply to other schools also? I also applied to SU and PLU, so we'll see..
  14. by   Seattletown1
    Well, to make everyone feel better I feel that I bombed the interview as well. I was also disappointed about the questions they asked. The questions seemed to be like I was applying for a nursing job not a school. Hopefully I hear good news from SU or UP now!