SDSU BSN Fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone! Thought I would start a post/discussion for this year's Fall applicants... Please comment below if you are applying!! Let's support one another through this.
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  3. by   knightsofRN
    My stats are as follows:
    Cumulative GPA: 4.0
    Prereq GPA: 4.0
    TEAS: 90.0%
    No work experience

    Is this competitive enough? I'm super nervous, since the supplemental app is due on the 22nd. Do you guys think we'll receive acceptance/denial emails by early March? Also does anyone know what the point cutoff was for the previous Fall cohort?? Please post your stats if you want to.
  4. by   Redemption
    My stats are:
    Cumulative GPA: 4.0
    Prereq GPA: 4.0
    TEAS: 89.3%
    No work experience.
    This brings me to 68 points, which is identical to yours because on the the SDSU point scale, 89.3 - 90.3% on the TEAS rewards you with 8 points.
    Hopefully we both get in!
  5. by   knightsofRN
    Thanks for sharing your stats. Yes, hopefully we get a spot!! If you don't mind answering, are you an SDSU student? I'm a local San Diego CC transfer student, and I wonder if this will factor into how admission decisions are made by the SON.
  6. by   Redemption
    I go to a local San Diego Community College as well. I believe many transfer students are from community colleges that go into SDSU nursing, so this factor will not affect our admissions.
  7. by   Reincarnated
    Hi everyone!

    I too applied for this program.

    My points is currently at 63. I wasn't sure how to calculate overall G.P.A... if it includes non-transferrable college work, then I would be bumped down to 61.
  8. by   knightsofRN
    Hi, thank you for sharing your point total. I calculated my overall GPA by including all transferable college classes. I'm not certain if we would include non-transferable college work; if anyone knows the answer to this, please let us know!
  9. by   Mjalmada
    Hello! I'm so glad I found this thread.
    Here are my stats:

    prereq GPA: 4.0
    overall GPA: 3.93
    TEAS: 87.3
    And I have work experience
    That puts me at 71 points

    Do you guys think they will let us know early March? Or is that only for all the other majors?
  10. by   knightsofRN
    Thank you for posting your stats! You have a really good amount of points for this program I think. I hope that we find out early March, as the previous Fall 2017 thread on this site for SDSU candidates indicated. It could be as soon as the first week of March, which is so soon!! I'm hoping for the best for each one of us here, since it seems like the application pool gets bigger each year.
  11. by   Redemption
    Has anyone heard anything back yet? My friends got their acceptance letters to SDSU but they were not nursing majors! I am extremely nervous and hope we all get accepted!
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  12. by   Mjalmada
    Some of my friends also got an acceptance email but they aren't in nursing. I haven't received anything yet. Hopefully they will let us know early March!
  13. by   KayL80
    My stats are:
    cumulative gpa:3.94
    prequiresite gpa: 4.0
    my friend got an acceptance letter from SDSU. I haven't received anything yet. I'm so nervous.
  14. by   Redemption
    Kayl80, was your friend a nursing major? Still havent heard anything back