SCC/ARC/San Joaquin Delta/Butte/Sierra Fall 2018

  1. Hello fellow pre nursing students!
    I just wanted to start a thread for those applying to these said above schools for Fall 2018! This will be my first time applying for nursing school and I am stoked! I was also thinking about applying for Chamberlain as a last resort because of the price, but I wanted to try for all of these ADN programs first! I'm wondering how many points everyone has. Even though these schools are lottery system I am encouraged because I know many people that got in on their first try!!
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  3. by   Alexj2018
    Applying to ARC for the first time as well...possibly 80pts
  4. by   Mrs.Perseverance
    I applied to arc (80 points), SCC (75 points), and Sierra (80 points). This is my first time applying, but I'm hoping for a good outcome since this is the first semester that ARC is only taking applicators above 70 points! My first choice is Sierra though! Good luck to you!
  5. by   Hunnysolid
    I believe I have 80 points SCC, 75 with ARC, waiting for my official transcripts before I apply to the other schools. My first choice is ARC because I live so close! Good luck to you as well!
  6. by   Alexj2018
    I thought ARC always did the above 70 points system? Will the applications be lower now??
  7. by   Mrs.Perseverance
    In previous years, they have drawn from a lottery that includes the top 1/3 of applicants; the top 1/3 has been 65 points some semesters. So that means people could have been throwing their applications in with 60 or less points hoping to get to that top 1/3. I think now that it's a solid 70 or you don't qualify, there will be lower numbers! Hopefully anyway.
  8. by   Alexj2018
    Hope it speeds up the process
  9. by   Cjandmavsmom
    I will be applying to SCC, ARC and chamberlain. I don't remember my points but they were over the 70 required. I still have to take the HESI for chamberlain.
  10. by   Annaplusnursing
    Arc always did the 70 point mark for like 8 years now
  11. by   Annaplusnursing
    Applying to arc 3th time and scc first time that's the only 2 schools I qualify and delta and butte are to long of a commute
  12. by   Mrs.Perseverance
    Has anyone dropped off their apps in the last week or so? Wondering what number you signed in at?
  13. by   Annaplusnursing
    I don't think the number matters since every semester there is about same number and most ppl turn in last minute!! I turned in scc and was number 30 2/14 don't remember for arc I was like on 2 page
  14. by   Alexj2018
    Is there a reason to turn in app last minute?? I turned it in first day...maybe it less of a wait.if you turn it in late