San Joaquin Delta College ADN SPRING 2014 - page 14

Anyone who is applying to the spring 2014 ADN program at SJDC want to share info with one another? I do not believe there has been a thread started as of yet. So does anyone know the point range that... Read More

  1. by   Manjot
    Congrats to all that got in this semester! I will be applying for next semester? Does anybody what was the cut off score for this semester. I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. by   bohling24
    Quote from gamerchick209
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    Does anyone know how far they went on the waiting list this time around?
  3. by   gamerchick209
    They went to alternate #13 for spring 2014. She was notified the day before school started. Good luck!!
  4. by   00lyda00
    I am a LVN trying to bridge into the ADN program there and last semester one of the nursing professor there told me the program is regulated by the board of nursing and they tell each school how many students will be allowed into the program. Last couple of semester they allowed about 60 student per admission. She said it was going to change due to the state regulations. I believe they are only having 40 open slots. That means the requirements will be more strict than the previous years. It has been calculated that there will be enough nurses for the next ten years. Especially with all the new trade school rn programs. The flux of new nurses will mean that there will be an overage of new grad nurses and less positions. Good luck to all and maybe we'll be in class together.
  5. by   00lyda00
    Delta is not offering a TEAS test for the summer or fall of 2014 so I'm guessing there is a big cap on students they will be accepting.