Samuel Merritt BSN Spring 2018

  1. Hello everyone! Anyone admitted to Samuel Merritt-Spring 2018 ! I started this "space" for us to just share experiences or ask any questions we may have!
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  3. by   Sgpangilinan94
    What kinds of email have you received from SMU regarding your application? I've only received an email stating they finishes the preliminary review of my application.
  4. by   AndreaMarshall
    Thats all i have received as well. As per last year on this board, it seems mid-late October is the earliest we will hear about our possible acceptance!
  5. by   zmora92
    I applied for fall 2017 and unfortunately did not get in. I was guaranteed spring since I was #1 waitlisted. I have heard that October is the month they will be sending out acceptance letters. Goodluck.
  6. by   Karibeary

    I have applied as well, and believe mid October will be when the acceptances go out ! I also heard that they extended application deadline , hopefully this doesnt delay the process. Goodluck
  7. by   Karibeary
    Where are you guys transferring from?
  8. by   Karibeary
    Where are you guys transferring from?
  9. by   pahoua012

    I am interested in applying to this program as well. I was a bit confused about which test to take. Can I just take the ATI Teas 6 and apply or have to take the HESI?

    Thank you!!
  10. by   Sgpangilinan94
    You have to take the HESI. I think they just recently changed it to the HESI.
  11. by   Sgpangilinan94
    I heard that they extended it too, but everytime I looked it said that the deadline was still 7/1/17
  12. by   kfisher0822
    Shawna said they extended it to August 1st. I'm guessing because they didn't have enough applicants, which would be a good thing for all of us that applied! Won't be as competitive.
  13. by   kfisher0822
    Transferring from LMC
  14. by   Nnechika06
    I also applied, and I'm transferring from Merritt college Oakland.