Regis CHOICE 2014

  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone applied for the Regis CHOICE program for August 2014? I've applied but haven't heard anything yet and I'm SO nervous!
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  3. by   hannahcbrock
    I applied too and can't wait to hear! Nothing yet...
  4. by   SV007
    Quote from hannahcbrock
    I applied too and can't wait to hear! Nothing yet...
    It's so nerve wrecking!
  5. by   hannahcbrock
    I can't believe no one else is on here! The CU Denver topic is very active.
  6. by   SV007
    I know! ughh..Maybe they got TOO many applicants! or not enough and they're going to accept us all!
  7. by   hannahcbrock
    This is the week!
  8. by   SV007
    STILL HAVENT HEARD ANYTHING! except I got an email confirming that they've received my financial aid...that doesn't mean anything though! ugh
  9. by   SV007
    DSN already accepted me and I'm supposed to start in April. Yay. BUT I want to go to Regis so I can still work and get BENEFITS! I hope we get in!
  10. by   hannahcbrock
    But congratulations on DSN! I heard that is a great school!
  11. by   hannahcbrock
    Do you think we'll know if we've been accepted to Regis by April? I thought we had to do an interview too?
  12. by   SV007
    I have no idea! doubt it! I called the admissions counselor to see when interview/acceptance letters will be sent out and she is out of this office this week!!! :/ so maybe next week, the 8 weeks mark, we will have a better idea
  13. by   hannahcbrock
    I got an email saying I was accepted!!! But nothing about an interview...weird. Hope you got in too!
  14. by   SV007
    I was put on the alternate list

    what was your GPA? I think that was what did it for me