Questions about OCC School of Nursing in Michigan

  1. Hi there! I'm new here and I've been thinking about nursing as a career choice yeah. I'm a little bit older and your traditional student but I've been thinking about it for a while and I'd really like to explore this option. I have some random credits from a few other places but I don't really know if they're still relative? My questions are, is OCC a good choice? Is it impossible to get into? I've heard that it's tough but our other programs at other universities and colleges easier to get into? Can you take your prereqs at OCC and apply somewhere else for a different program? Pretty much what I'm asking is if you could do it all over again or start from scratch, and you lived in North West Oakland County, what would you do and why. Like what would give you the best chance of getting into a program such as OCC. Is there a certain sequence of prereqs I should take that look better than others. Should I look into other programs? Also I'm wondering once you're in the nursing program such as OCC what is the schedule like I know that there are certain classes that you have to take at certain times. But how many hours can I expect to be in the classroom / lab a week. Are there morning and evening classes offered or is it just pretty much a set schedule? I'd love to hear what everyone says. Thank you
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