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  1. Hi guys just want to know if any1 can help me out. I want to enroll to RN-BSN online program but I want to be done in a year or 15 months. Can any1 recommend a good online school? Please!!!
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  3. by   Meeh619
    So you want a ABSN? Try this website it's always hard to find an online program because some online schools have clinicals anywhere in the US other schools want you to do them in their state. Hopefully this website helps.
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    There are many online RN-BSN programs university of Texas, Western Governors, Excelsior, Thomas Edison State College, Chamberlin Also look at traditional brick & mortar schools as they often have online only programs for RN's moving on to BSNs.

    RN-BSN is not the same as ABSN as an ABSN is a program for someone who has a non-nursing bachelor's degree. RN-BSN, which the OP inquired about is for nurses who graduated from an associate or diploma program and are presently licensed as a registered nurse who which to continue their education to a BSN. Many RN-BSN programs have limited clinical requirements since most of the clinical requirements were covered in your initial nursing education
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    Thank guys I don't want the ABSN I want the RN-BSN and I am actually going to university of Texas online Arlington!