Oakland Community College Nursing Program 2018

  1. Hello everyone!
    I am going to apply to the occ nursing progam and hope to get accepted for fall 2018 or winter 2019. Who else will be applying?
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  3. by   Akrhinehart
    I am waiting on an acceptance letter for OCC's nursing program for 2018 right now! I'm nervously googling the GPAs of people who were accepted and feeling pretty nervous, but hopefully the HESI scores are weighed heavily.
  4. by   DanaQ
    Hi, I've applied too. They don't send out letters till beginning of March, right?
  5. by   kvokes
    When I met with a counselor I was told that it take about 5 weeks from Jan 1, 2018 to go through all of the apps. The letters are all mailed at the same time and they have until March 15, 18. I am also waiting : )
  6. by   kvokes
    I also read in the 2017 posts that most letters came March 16, 2017 and for the year before around March 11, 2016. So it looks like we will be waiting for a minute.
  7. by   DanaQ
    Yes they really are waiting till March to send them out
    Did you find another feed post for this year? Previous years had lots of feed that I enjoyed to read but I can't find a group for this year. Ty
  8. by   DanaQ
    Did you find out anything about GPAs? What was yours?
  9. by   Meg_Mucklebones
    I put in my application in this Fall for the 2018 program also. The counselor told me that if there are more applicants than spots we will find out in March, if there is more spots than applicants we will find out in February. From reading past applicant discussions and what people I know in the program told me it sounds like we will get a letter in March. The way you get in is based on a points system they use based on your GPA, if you repeated courses or had any transferred. What you scored on the HESI isn't calculated. You just have to pass it.
  10. by   DanaQ
    Does anyone know how is the program? How many days of lecture, clinicals and lab? I know the classes run 7 weeks. Do classes run through summer too? Anyone knows the details? Ty
  11. by   vik1996
    Haven't heard anything about the program and how it is. Do you know how many points people have been accepted with or what is the lowest score?
  12. by   1futurern1
    Hey guys, I also applied to the program for the 2018,2019 start. Hopefully I get in and get to meet you guys. Anyone thinking about doing the fall start?
  13. by   DanaQ
    Yes. Hopefully fall. But it Sint up to us. When you gry the letter black itll say whether youre accepted and which semestr you start. I thought before they gave preference which semester you'd like.
  14. by   Meg_Mucklebones
    My best friend is in the program now and she told me you get to choose. I'm choosing winter!