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  1. Did anyone attend Notre Dame of Maryland University? How is the nursing school? How is the school in general? I'm waiting to here back and I have butterflies in my stomach. My grades and teas scores aren't the best but this is my last hope. If you got accepted what were your credentials? Thanks.
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    Thread moved to the Schools/Colleges forum for the best response. Good luck.
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    How can I do that? Thank you!
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    How can I do that? Thank you!
    I am sorry, I meant that I have already moved it for you.
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    Oh! Thank you so much!!
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    Oh! Thank you so much!!
    Have you heard back from the school yet?
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    Yea. Unfortunately I didn't get accepted
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    I'll respond to you here since this is your thread instead of the other one you posted in. Where do you stand with college in general. Do you have just some college class done? Do you have an associates degree? Or other bachelors degree?
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    I change my major from English to nursing. My freshman year at college I did bad but second semester I did really well but now I attend a community college where I have now finished all my prerequisites for the nursing program. At the time of applying my gpa was a 2.4 and I had a f in A&P 1. But now I have a 2.78, I retook A&P and got a B. My AP2 was a C, my micro was a C. I'm also taking chemistry right now looking at an A or B.
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    I would say keep going. If you need to you can retake one class that you didn't do as well in, but keep in mind you can't rely on retaking classes. There are also other ways to become a nurse besides attending ndmu. NDMU is a great program but I fully support people in seeking out other avenues of becoming a nurse (such as getting an associates degree first). NDMU has a really great RN to BSN program as well. If you could get your associates degree in nursing, pass the NCLEX, and start working as a nurse, it could help you out in the long run. You would accomplish becoming a nurse and start making money sooner, then you could go back to get your BSN. Just a thought. Your grades aren't as competitive as other applicants but don't give up. Just figure out what works for you. If you want to become a nurse I believe you will find a way to do so.