NC A&T ABSN 2019 Cohort

  1. I had an interview in early September for the NC A&T ABSN 2019 cohort. Has anyone else heard back?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   galaxiwil
    Hey! I also applied for this cohort. I had an interview in late September and I have not heard back yet. The wait is the worst.
  5. by   queenbliss2
    Hey, I also applied for the 2019 cohort and I had my interview late August. They said that we should get a decision today.
  6. by   galaxiwilson
    Hey jaschamb22,

    That was my understanding too. Good luck to you and write back if you hear anything!
  7. by   queenbliss2
    Same to you!
  8. by   galaxiwilson

    Any idea how many students they are accepting this year? I wonder how many they interviewed.
  9. by   queenbliss2
    No, that I'm not sure of.
  10. by   queenbliss2
    Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  11. by   galaxiwilson
    I haven't. I'm wondering if this past hurricane weather caused a delay..
  12. by   galaxiwilson
    Heard anything yet?
  13. by   queenbliss2
    No. have you?
  14. by   galaxiwilson