Merced ADN Fall 2017

  1. Hi I'm new here but was wondering if anyone else has applied to Merced's ADN program for FALL 2017 (also Spring 2018 since they are done in the same application pool)?

    I figured we could keep each other updated on the process and support one another.

    Anyone out there who's applied, don't be shy to comment
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  3. by   AngelaFIT
    I applied to Merced this March for Fall 2017/Spring 2018...
  4. by   Blue_Daisy
    Hi @AngelaFIT
    So excited I finally got a respond from someone! Congrats on being able to apply, if you're anything like me it's been a long road. This is my first time applying, how about you? I'm going to be going crazy until we hear something in May. Do you live in Merced? I'm not from the area so If I'm accepted I will have to relocate. If you're in the Merced area and know of any cheap rentals that are in a good area please let me know. Hope to hear back from you. Oh and good luck, I hope we both get in!!
  5. by   AngelaFIT
    This is my first time applying to Merced but I've applied to 3 other places previously. I'm not from the Merced area, I'm about 1 hour away. I hope we get some good news come May.
  6. by   Blue_Daisy
    I hope so too! I'll update here if I hear something. Please do the same.
  7. by   Ms Salvatore
    This is also my first time applying at Merced. I also applied at Fresno city college. Just waiting to hear from both of them.
  8. by   Blue_Daisy
    @Ms Salvatore best wishes! I hope you get into one of them. Will you be commuting or moving to Merced if you get in?
  9. by   Frannymo86
    I applied this year. My 3rd time applying. Waiting game.
  10. by   Frannymo86
    Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  11. by   AngelaFIT
    Haven't heard anything back yet!!! Hoping sooner then later...
  12. by   Blue_Daisy
    Nothing here either but the app packet specifically says May so I think we're gonna have to suffer in pain til May Good luck to you guys. Hoping we all make the cut
  13. by   Frannymo86
    We have about a week left to hear back I believe! If I'm remembering correctly we should hear by the weekend! I'm excited and scared. How many times have you applied for a program? I've applied 2 times in Merced and 3 in Modesto. This year will be 3 and 4. I'm hoping to hear back some kind of news.
  14. by   AngelaFIT
    When I dropped off my application they said we should know by the end of May but last year they found out early May!!!