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I want to start a running forum for the applicants of the 2018/2019 program as has been done in the past. How many other people are applying this year? How many are taking their HESI in the... Read More

  1. by   kklein88
    I took A and P in the summer, it was a 6 week class. It was hard, but it wasn't too bad. The professor I had pretty much based all exams and quizzes on her power points. I ended up with a B+, but I know if circumstances had been different I could have had an A. (I had a newborn baby at home with colick, and a 3 year old, and was working midnight shifts, so the amount of studying needed did not always happen), I personally would not take a and p and pathogenic microbiology at the same time if avoidable, unless you know you are able to dedicate the time needed to study for both. Good luck
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  2. by   chynapiotrowski
    Letsdoit – What is the title of the Taylor book? I am very interested in reading anything I can to be more prepared (and of course kill some time in a way other than browsing these forums all day haha!)

    anna4202 – That is so exciting! Good luck to you – I hope we both make it in this semester!
  3. by   sissie618
    Has anyone received letters with gpa has hesi scores yet? This wait is killing me!! Its sooo close
  4. by   kklein88
    I have not received a letter stating my gpa and hesi score yet. I emailed the college a couple weeks ago, and the reply I got was that the Hesi score Gpa letters would go out mid to late april and offer letters would go out last week in april or 1st week of May. The wait is killer, but it shouldn't be long now.
  5. by   kklein88
    chynapiotrowski The title of the Taylor book I have been reading and taking notes from is Fundamentals of Nursing, I was lucky enough to purchase most of the books for the program second hand from a student, I have found some very reasonable on they are used books, but very well taken care of and shipping is free. I am basically just taking my time reading through chapter by chapter just to familiarize myself with the information.
  6. by   _fairley12
    i haven't received anything yet either... can't wait any longer honestly
  7. by   anna4202
    i havent received anything either. last year acceptance/denial letters were received by april 26 or 28.
  8. by   Stefany_hofmann
    I called and they said ranking letters were sent out today guys!
  9. by   chynapiotrowski
    Oh my goodness - now I can hardly contain my anxiousness.
    I just want the acceptance/denial letters already >
  10. by   anna4202
    uh we go :/
  11. by   Kellibrookee
    OMG good luck everyone!! Nerves are kicking in
  12. by   chynapiotrowski
    Even though I know it's not possible to have my ranking letter yet, I still checked the mail & was disappointed to see no letter
  13. by   chynapiotrowski
    One more question!

    Does anyone know if it's only 4 pre-req's used for ranking (BIOL 2730, BIOL 2710, HHSC 1040, ENGL 1210) or if the ranking also includes the 2 additional pre-req's (PSYC 1010 & BIOL 1400)?