Macomb Community College 2018 - page 4

I want to start a running forum for the applicants of the 2018/2019 program as has been done in the past. How many other people are applying this year? How many are taking their HESI in the... Read More

  1. by   Dwbh26
    I don't know. I just read that from the forum last year. I guess it makes sense though.
  2. by   Courtdd
    I'm glad more people are starting to reply! So far, it looks like everyone has a really good shot. At least when comparing to last year's scores that people posted.
    I'm applying with a 4.0 and 94.
    The waiting is already driving me crazy! Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   Jeff0039
    I took the exam January 3rd. I'll be applying with a 3.86 GPA and a 91 on the HESI. I don't know how good that is, but I really hope I get in.
  4. by   lolat123
    Hi everyone! I'm applying with a 4.0 and 86 on the hesi!
  5. by   Zohazaidi
    I was wondering is anyone applying anywhere else other than macomb ?
  6. by   Taylor Patrick
    Im taking courses for Wayne State and UofD Mercy nursing program. I went to a nursing information session at UofD. If I dont get into macomb ill apply with UofD because their program starts January.
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  7. by   Dwbh26
    Do you need extra or different classes to apply at U of D?
  8. by   Taylor Patrick
    Hi. You need extra classes. Algebra, BioChem, Soc, Ethics on top of what we need completed by fall 2018.
  9. by   Taylor Patrick
    There is a guide you can recieve from advisors at macomb.
  10. by   _fairley12
    when do we find out if we got in or not?
  11. by   Taylor Patrick
    End of April early May.
  12. by   LaurenRichards817
    Has anyone not had their Hesi scored posted yet?
  13. by   Jeenw1019
    I just have what they printed after the test was done. I have yet to hear/get anything from the school.