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I want to start a running forum for the applicants of the 2018/2019 program as has been done in the past. How many other people are applying this year? How many are taking their HESI in the... Read More

  1. by   jpugh
    I took the HESI this morning and did surprisingly well. If you know the conversions in the book you will ace the math portion. It was all basic math but there were a few problems that required multiple steps to complete.
  2. by   LaurenRichards817
    Thank you! What about the anatomy and physiology section? If I study the exam review book will that be enough?
  3. by   jpugh
    I honestly didn't really study the review book for anatomy because I just finished taking the class this semester. However, I did take practice tests online and used free apps as review. If I didn't know the answer I would review my class notes, not the book. Most of the questions were pretty basic though.
  4. by   sammytricarico
    Hi! I just submitted my application for the 2018 program! I took the HESI, finished my prereqs, the waiting game begins!! Good luck to everyone (:
  5. by   Courtdd
    Quote from LaurenRichards817
    I have a couple questions for anyone that has taken the Hesi already. First, do they have english and metric conversions on the math portion? Second, I have the 3rd and 4th edition of the evolve hesi a2 exam review book, if I know this book from beginning to end will I be set? Or is there other information I should know and study? I don't want any unfortounate surprises. ������
    Yes, there were A LOT of conversions on the HESI. So, definitely study those. But... at least for my test, there were no questions asking us to go from metric to imperial or whatever. So, there were grams to kilograms, etc. but there were zero questions that asked miles to kilometers. If that makes sense. That being said, the math test was pretty basic. Study the book, do some practice tests, and you should be golden. Plus, you do get the calculator on the computer for every single question.

    The book was great, but I would still supplement with something else for the A&P section. I just used my notes from class that I had saved, and the cliffs notes book. I did okay on that section, but I really feel like if I hadn't used those other materials I wouldn't have done as well.

    Don't sweat the HESI though. It was not bad at all. The anticipation is much worse than the test itself. Good luck!
  6. by   Tj2018
    Hello. I'm using the exam review book to study. Are there any questions on the Hesi on the Physics portion?
  7. by   Kyrieren
    Hi everyone. I'm applying for the 2018 nursing program, just finished my hesi today with a 92 and I have a 4.0 gpa. I'm feeling so nervous!! How has everyone else done? Good luck to those who haven't taken the hesi yet!!
  8. by   Kyrieren
    No physics on the hesi
  9. by   Tj2018
    What's on the math portion? I take mines tomorrow
  10. by   Jeenw1019
    Hi everyone!! I am applying this year as well and just took the HESI today.
  11. by   Stefany_hofmann
    Hello all! I finished all my pre-reqs and am taking my HESI tomorrow. What should i expect to focus on more while doing some last minute studying?
  12. by   Stefany_hofmann
    What is everybody applying with if you don't mind sharing scores. I am just super nervous after finishing the HESI today. My gpa is 3.4 and HESI is 84 :/
  13. by   Jennacldwll
    Hi Everyone!!! I'm applying to the Macomb RN program with a 4.0 and a 92.4 HESI.