Long Beach city college spring 2017 nursing

  1. Hi everyone! I recently submitted an application to LBCC and I'm super nervous! Hoping we all get letters soon! Wanted to create this to see when other people are getting their letters! Good luck to everyone 👍🏽
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  3. by   PizarroNrse84
    Hello did you apply in June or Aug? The generic or bridge?
  4. by   Fmiller11
    I applied in August for the generic program! You??
  5. by   PizarroNrse84
    Hi I applied for the bridge! <3 I was chosen as an alternate, they did there process a little different. They called the actual selected and then sent emails to the rest. I received an email as well as my friend that we were alternates. I am unsure if they did the same for the generic, I know the competition was a bit stiffer.
  6. by   Fmiller11
    For the generic I think we are all getting letters sent in the mail saying if we were accepted or not! That's exciting that you were chosen as an alternate! I hope you get in this process makes me so anxious!
  7. by   PizarroNrse84
    Oh cool, well best of luck to you! And thanks, I don't know how good my chances are of getting in but am continue to apply to other schools. I really wanted to go to LBCC, but am have to apply to others now just in case. This was the only app I put in for the year, so I was a bit bummed. However I know my time will come!
  8. by   Fmiller11
    Well good luck! Just keep applying and we will both eventually get in somewhere! Fingers crossed for the both of us!!
  9. by   daryani
    Hi!!! I also applied in Aug for long beach city college and waiting for a letter. Any body knows how long the process usually takes ?good luck to every one
  10. by   Fmiller11
    I have not received a letter yet either and I'm anxiously waiting! Any day now!!
  11. by   Fmiller11
    I've been looking at previous post from earlier semesters and it looks like it takes about a month and a few days for people to start receiving there letters. So hopefully they will be coming soon
  12. by   daryani
    sorry I have not received any letter yet. I wonder it means I did not get accepted
  13. by   Fmiller11
    Don't think like that. I haven't heard of anyone receiving a letter yet! Takes time
  14. by   daryani
    thanks I really needed to hear that