LoneStar Spring 2018 ADN - page 8

I just applied to the Lonestar Cyfair ADN nursing program for the Spring of 2018. I haven't seen anything on here about hopefuls for Spring 2018, anyone else apply?... Read More

  1. by   joshmwahh
    my total is 7.48 and got accepted to lone star kingwood
  2. by   Sstone93
    I just took my Hesi with a total score of 81.6 and CT 880. I made a C in A&P1 and a A in English I'm not sure how to calculate my points but I think I may be in the 6 range. I'm very nervous because I don't think that will be good enough to get in the program or if they even accept scores in the 6 range. I want to apply to lonestar Montgomery and North Harris. Does anyone know if my scores will be good enough?
  3. by   Crystal0801
    Hi! I'm hoping some of you are through your first semester already...I was wondering if you could tell me what the schedule is like? Thanks!