Lacc nursing fall 2017

  1. Hello, i applied lacc nursing for fall 2017 and i made a thread to share any information. Anyone heard anything from them ?
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  3. by   apey...
    Hey, I also applied. I haven't heard anything beside around April 9th, asking to submit TEAS results. I thought we should have been contacted by now about the lottery. Last year I think they got acceptance/rejection letters the first week of May.
  4. by   Jess8780
    I received a call yesterday. The lady said I qualified for the lotto pool but did not know exactly when would I get the next call to see whether I was chosen or not. I've seen(online)that people say mid-May or 3rd week of May. We will see! Best of luck to us all!
  5. by   apey...
    Hey, Jess8780! Thanks, that's pretty insightful. Fall 2016 they received acceptance/rejections on May 5th. I have yet to receive a call about the lottery. Did you submit your application early??
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  6. by   Jess8780
    Hi April,
    I submitted my application on the last day of the deadline. If I hear anything soon, I'll make sure to update you.
  7. by   aerial0623
    Hey guys, i called the nursing dept and the lady i spoke on the phone said that i will prob hear in june but It said mid of may on the website. Hope we will hear soon.. the waiting is so killing me now..
  8. by   girl1984
    Hi I applied few days before desdline. I received a call too for lotto, waiting for acceptance lol
  9. by   Jess8780
    Hi all,

    I just received a call and got the great news that I got accepted into the program!!
    The lady said I should be receiving a letter of confirmation and instruction in the mail next week!! I am sending you all good vibes and the best of luck!!
  10. by   aerial0623
    @jess8780 hey, congratulations!!
    I wish i get a call for acceptance soon and get it over with this . Thank you for your share and please keep updated
  11. by   Vgalindo1
    Same! I got a call this afternoon that I was selected, and the next step will be explained in a letter that will be mailed out. Yay!
  12. by   girl1984
    Omg congratulations I am so worried now why I haven't received any call.
  13. by   aerial0623
    Im so worried too I want a call tooo
  14. by   girl1984
    Lol look at us. I feel bad for both of us. Did U apply at pierce too?