J Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2018

  1. Hey Guys I Wanted to know if anyone else applied to the Reynolds nursing program for the fall of 2018 and if so what were your Kaplan score! Please Respond
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  3. by   Mal3xis
    Omg so I've been waiting for someone to start one of these... so far based on what I've read 90s are golden .. 80s are solid and 70s are competitive... I wonder what's the lowest being accepted ... and how much longer we have to wait before we find out if we got in
  4. by   wilky98
    Not yet, anxiously waiting though...how many weeks after the deadline do we have to wait?
  5. by   Mal3xis
    Darryl King said 4-6 weeks he won't give an actual date .
  6. by   jencha007
    I was waiting for someone to create this thread! And finally you guys did! Thank you!
    I also applied for fall 2018. I know at least 4 classmates from my A&P class applied for this fall. Don't know their scores, mine was 85. Hope that would be enough. Waiting is killing me
  7. by   MikaRN2019
    Hello everyone I didnt apply to the fall program. Im applying to Spring 2019 program only because I want to complete all of my prerequisites so I would have to do nursing classes only once Im accepted. Good luck everyone and I hope my scores are high enough to get in!!!! My Kaplan scores were:

  8. by   Abanks91
    The wait is killing me!!
  9. by   Kayyj616
    I've been reading all the past threads like this and waiting for one for this fall! I applied, and my scores were: math-100, science-90, writing-62, reading-84, overall-85. I REALLY hope I get in! I emailed Mr King because in the info sesh they said 4 weeks, so I was just curious because this is week 5 from the deadline. He said there was a small group of folks he forgot to send an email to stating that the decision of acceptance or not would be emailed within 6 weeks from the application deadline. And he also told me they're doing it in phases, from highest score to lowest. So we have about two weeks left and should be receiving emails! Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   ym89
    I was told that the alternate scores were 82 and 83s
  11. by   SKing123
    How did you all get all this information, literally when i asked I got no answers for anything other than be patient and wait
  12. by   MikaRN2019
    I attended the info session from this past Tuesday and Mr. King did state that there were a lot of applicants that scored in the upper 80's and those that were placed on the alternate list had scores between 82 & 83.
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  13. by   Abanks91
    Do you know if he was talking about the overall score or the weighted score? Scored an 80! Bummer...
  14. by   Abanks91
    But my weighted score was higher