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  1. Hello fellow students and professionals. So, after trying 2 times for my Teas test i finally passed with a 70.7%. I thought it was going to be a bit easier from there on forth, but its actually much harder. In what sense? All the nursing schools here in California are so competitive. Ive applied at Western Governors University (yes i know their very competitive,due to their limited clinical sites) I have a 4.0 GPA but, after reading all these comments i am kinda afraid now. I thought i should reach out and ask if anybody is going there or has went there in the past. What was the lowest teas score they have accepted by far? What other schools can i apply for from California. Im in Los Angeles, my options arent broad so im kinda confused at this point on my next steps. I have all my pre reqs, im currently working in the medical field, i have 6 years of experience with patient care and so on and so forth. Please can someone briefly give me some advice. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   GrenIedGal
    I am currently a prelicensure student at WGU, almost half way through the program. You're right it's very competitive. The best suggestion I can make is to start a relationship with an admission advisor at WGU. You work with them throughout the application process. They can help you assess what your probability is of acceptance and what areas you could focus on improving to increase your chances of admittance.
    I am not sure about other LA area schools, as I'm a San Diego area resident, but I know that most are very impacted. Reach out to WGU and research other area schools--best of luck to you on your journey!
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    Thank you for the suggestion! Hows the school treating you? Ive already applied since 2016, I was missing my Teas score and i submitted that in August. So, I probably fall into the coming Cohort which is in November. My advisor is amazing, shes been working with me for a while. Shes said im competitive, but a boost to my Teas score would help. But, that thing is so frustrating and time consuming with work in the way its pretty difficult to focus, especially the fact that i work nights. Thank you for the reply shes suppose to contact me today ill ask her a few questions to see where im headed.