GTCC Fall 2016 Nursing Program

  1. Just wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall 2016 Nursing program at GTCC? The deadline isn't until February, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has already applied, and how many they applied with. Any info is helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   Shaaakirrraaah
    I'm going to apply!! I haven't applied yet though. I still have to take the TEAS test! I'm so dreading it...
  4. by   JessHashem
    good luck on the TEAS... do you know how many points you have so far?
  5. by   Shaaakirrraaah
    Thanks! So far, I have 40 points. Hopefully, combining my TEAS test score will be enough to get me in! Do you know how many you have so far?
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  6. by   toyag32
    I'm going to apply Fri I'm not sure how many points I have but I will post it Fri.
  7. by   Molly1986
    I just finished applying to GTCC! My total points is 42. I really hope that's enough to get in!! Just took the teas on Friday too!! Glad that's over with! Lol
  8. by   toyag32
    I applied with 45. (Forgot to post)
  9. by   jky004
    I applied with 56 Points but I also applied to FTCC, and the amount of points were very different, so I don't know whether or not 56 is good?
  10. by   toyag32
    I applied with 155 at Forsyth tech wbu
  11. by   JessHashem
    For those that are also applying at forsyth, do you know the average accepted points there? Also which would be your first pick if you were accepted to both programs?
  12. by   jky004
    I applied at FTCC with 163 points, and the advisor told me it was pretty solid, so I'm very hopeful!
  13. by   jky004
    I would choose forsyth simply because I've heard more about it, it's 10 minutes away from where I live and my workplace at baptist which is a job I really want to hold onto... I don't see this being possible driving 40 minutes away constantly for nursing school just to drive back in a rush and make it to work, and it will be stressful as it is.
  14. by   toyag32
    I can't wait until March get here. I'm anxious to know.