GTCC Fall 2016 Nursing Program - page 6

Just wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall 2016 Nursing program at GTCC? The deadline isn't until February, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has already applied, and how many... Read More

  1. by   Molly1986
    No you don't have to sign for it
  2. by   jky004
    Where do you live? Seems like you're the only one on here so got one
  3. by   Molly1986
    I live in snow camp. About 30 minutes away. I'm sure yalls will be there Monday!!!
  4. by   slmark
    I live around the corner from GTCC and haven't gotten mine yet either lol
  5. by   kaya10
    I got a letter today, and was accepted!! Im sure there will be plenty of others that will get it in the mail today as well! Can't wait to start this journey with you guys!
  6. by   D_king
    Just received my acceptance letter
  7. by   jky004
    Did you guys live close as well?
  8. by   D_king
    I live 10 mins away from Jamestown, like close to the high point campus if you've ever been there
  9. by   Molly1986
    yay!!! Congrats you guys!!!! Can't wait to meet yall and start this crazy journey with yall!!! I'm sure the rest of yall will get it today!!!
  10. by   kaya10
    I live in Greensboro, about 20 minutes away from the school!
  11. by   slmark
    My mail doesn't come until 1700 sometimes. I suspense is KILLING me!!!! Congrats to everyone that has gotten a letter so far!!
  12. by   jky004
    I'm just beyond irritated, I have a lot going on, alot of pending news that could be amazing or terrible and I really just need some good news... don't mean to sound whiney it kind of just goes beyond waiting for this letter, but it would be a bit of a load off my shoulders.
  13. by   D_king
    How many points did you apply with ? I'm sure that you will be receiving your acceptance letter. We all understand how this situation can be anxiety inducing though. Good luck and keep up posted