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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

  1. by   inspiredRN10
    I got a C in bio 202, and the counselor said that it shouldn't be a problem considering I already have a degree, which apparently that helps tremendously. From the previous posts I read, the average gpa was like a 3.4 or so…Are you applying for the fall as well?
  2. by   AkAtHrt
    Yes I'm applying for the evenin and weekend program. I'm hoping the school can accept a higher level Psych. course to replace my C and that would bump up my overall GPA. I am Taking the required COM class and will finish HCR 210 this semester too. I'm still nervous about it because I am no longer considering ASU. Oh and still have to take the TEAS.
  3. by   inspiredRN10
    Yes I agree. I am sure they would accept a higher Psych class! I thought that would take replacements for math if it is a higher level. So maybe that works for all classes? And yes, I am not considering ASU anymore either. So GCU is the last option! Do you know what campus hosts the evening and weekend? I know their traditional is at GCU. So I couldn't remember if nights were at the Mesa campus or if weekends were?
  4. by   AkAtHrt
    It's both at that campus. Clinicals are on the weekend and lecture is during the week. Not sure what the schedule is at the Scottsdale campus.
  5. by   inspiredRN10
    Oh ok. I understand. Well im excited! I am going in to take the teas the beginning of march and then apply sometime in march. I agree though I wish I just knew the statistics of other previous applicants so we knew what the standard was...that part makes me nervous!
  6. by   AkAtHrt
    I know! They said they typically don't accept a higher level Psych course in place of psych 101 which doesn't make sense to me. They accept higher level math courses! I can't really afford to retake Psych 101 especially since I have taken 200, 300, and 400 level Psych courses. If I had a better idea of the other applicants stats I could feel better about my chances of getting in. Hmmmmm
  7. by   AkAtHrt
    Oh and I thought they would waive the "university foundations" course which basically tells you how to be successful at the school. But we have to take that 8 wk. course in our first semester and in our 4th semester take a Christian World View course. Did you know that?
  8. by   inspiredRN10
    Whoa! I did not know that! I thought they would waive a lot of those types of courses if you already had a bachelors degree. Hmm? I just hope I can get some type of scholarship for the funding of all the classes (especially the ones I am forced to take like those!) But I am tempted to email my counselor and ask for some statistics about the program. Like the average gpa, and tea scores. I feel like I am getting more anxious since it is getting closer and closer!
  9. by   AkAtHrt
    I know how you feel. I thought Those extra classes were waived because of the existing degree too! Ask her about these extra classes. Maybe my advisor forgot about my degree but I don't think so. If you get stats please let me know because my C grades concern me. My advisor did say that the cum. Pre-req gpa is looked at but the science classes gpa is looked at as well as the grades of those classes. So a C in math isn't as bad as a poor grade in a science class because the math class is part of the cum. Gpa and they don't see it. But they do see how you did in all of your science classes. Did I make sense? Please let me know if you hear anything
  10. by   Stoofanie
    You all were super helpful!! Currently I'm a student at NAU and am transferring to GCU in the fall and will probably apply for the fast track program for the Spring. I'm hoping to get into the fast track so I can finally graduate. I don't have a previous degree but the enrollment counselor said my high gpa would be a big boost for me..So lets hope
  11. by   bronzebird
    I'm attending a GCU info session on Saturday and meeting with an admissions counselor. I'm interested in their second degree fast-track program. I've done a lot of research on accelerated BSN programs all over the country. As I read through different GCU threads, I've been joting down questions about the program. I'm a little discouraged by all the negative views about GCU but I also know a few folks who've graduated from their nursing program and loved it. From what I've been researching, you're going to have pros and cons of almost, if not all, programs you look at. My biggest issue with these programs is that each school requires different pre-reqs, entrance admission exam(s), etc. It makes it difficult to plan out your coursework. I've narrowed my choices to a few select schools but even then there is still some inconsistency. However, no matter where you end up, your experience is going to be what you make of it. You're going to have instructors who you may not like and that's life.
    As far as GCU having higher tuition than you might expect, it's because it is a for-profit institution. They are not backed by funds from the state unlike non-profit institutions such as ASU. If you think GCU is expensive for a BSN, I got accepted into PMI's 2 year ADN program and that would have cost me roughly $40,000+ had I accepted and that's because they, too, are also a for-profit institution. You just have to look at what your needs are and find the best fit.

    After I attend the GCU info session, I'll post whatever information I find out.
  12. by   on_the_path
    Hey AkAtHrt, did you ever apply to the GCU fast-track program in the east valley???

    You said it was based near Banner Gateway, which is practically in Gilbert. Were you referring to the A.T. Still University campus on Recker and Baseline? I went to a GCU BSN info session in November, and they said that they PLANNED on having classes there, but since then, I have not heard of anyone actually preparing to take GCU classes there, so I wondered if their program was still being offered at that location??? I also live VERY close by, so I am crossing my fingers that their plan is still a "go"

    Also, if anyone is still worried about GPA's, I was told at the info session that they are most concerned with your GPA in general bio, bio 201 and 202, micro bio, intro to chemistry, and pathophysiology. This will become your science GPA. They actually said your science GPA will be looked at, as well as your GPA for all your pre-req's combined. This applied to coming in with pre-req's done and going directly into the BSN program but without a previous degree, but I would assume it is the same for those already possessing a bachelor's degree of some kind. I was told it would be very wise to keep my science GPA at or above a 3.5, but for all the pre-req's as a whole, we were told they even offer a scholarship for people coming in with a total pre-req GPA of 3.25, so I think that says something.

    It seemed like a great program to me, everyone at the school seemed genuinely nice, they now have locations close to just about any part of the valley, and it's an excellent way to leap-frog everyone waiting 5 to 6 semesters to start the ASN program at the community colleges. Yes, $41,250 for 5 semesters (after already paying for all the pre-reqs) seems like a lot, but they do offer many GPA based scholarships, and as someone pointed out, that's the chunk of change some of the trade schools want for an ASN!!!
  13. by   smilinjen
    To update you guys, I applied for both ASU and GCU summer fast track programs in January.

    GCU changed their requirements for the COM class a few times between Jan. and Feb., ultimately telling me that they wouldn't accept the COM I was currently enrolled in because they couldn't count on getting my official grade before the first day of the program (previously a letter from the instructor would have sufficed), and therefore I was no longer eligible to start in May, but I was welcome to apply again for fall, UNLESS I wanted to take COM at GCU for a few thousand dollars. Uh, NO!! I was not a happy camper to say the least, especially when I found out a couple of the girls in my COM class were accepted to start in May.... Can you say inconsistent? (BTW, I have a 3.7 GPA with them and got 89.7 on the TEAS.)

    So then I was all in for ASU and was nervous that I wouldn't get in and would have to wait until August to go somewhere. I decided it was probably for the best, because with the scholarship, GCU was about $5,000 cheaper than ASU, but then I realized that 4 additional months of living expenses would make it a wash, if not still slightly more expensive, plus missing out on being able to get to work earlier. I had been looking forward to GCU since my cousin got her BSN from there years ago and she loved it.

    The end of March I got my acceptance letter to ASU (hurray!) (there I had a 5.71 overall score). Then last week GCU calls me and says that since they have an unexpected opening, they were going to allow me into the program in May, as long as I was passing COM (I'm minus 2 points for the entire class thus far, uh, yeah, I'm passing). I pretty much had to laugh. NOW you want to accept me? After you told me you pulled my application for taking COM at a community college (which was recommended at the info session). No thanks.

    Overall, I'm glad about the way things turned out. ASU seems to be more organized (even though they change their mind about things too, it's less detrimental and frustrating - at least for me). There seems to be a cohesiveness with the other people who were accepted and everyone seems excited and grateful to be there (at least from the people I've talked to in person and on AllNurses so far).

    Good luck you guys!