Georgia State University Nursing Fall 2017

  1. Hi, has anyone submitted their application for fall 2017 semester yet?
    I viewed the thread for Spring 2017, but didn't see anything for Fall semester.
    I've submitted mine last week, and I'm scared already (yes, before they even start looking at the applications...). I applied to only the ACE track, but I'm afraid my grade is not good enough.....

    GPA: 3.73
    Science GPA: IDK
    TEAS: 86
    I volunteer at Northside Hospital and got my supervisor to write my letter of recommendation, does this earn me extra points on the application?
    I'm a really bad writer, the part of the application I'm scared the most is my essay.... I wrote about the Affordable Care Act, I picked it on purpose cause it's a big thing, but now I'm scared...
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  3. by   jabita
    Hi fio. I submitted mine last Friday.
    Good luck to you
  4. by   fio917
    Hi manmina,
    Good luck to you as well! I asked people around me, and most of them are applying somewhere else other than GSU's nursing...
    I can't wait to hear back from them
  5. by   jabita
    What are your states if you don't mind to share?
  6. by   Mariss1
    I am nervous about my essay as well, I'm finishing mine up now and will submit everything tonight. I am applying for ACE and Trad, But would prefer ACE.
    GPA: 4.0
    Teas: 81.3

    My teas weren't the strongest and I wish I had retaken them because I ran out of time in the reading portion but got good scores in every other area.
  7. by   fio917
    I'm not sure what you mean
  8. by   fio917
    Your GPA scares me
  9. by   jabita
    Your GPA and teas score
    Mine are : gpa 3.91, science 3.95, teas 79.3. My teas is very low
  10. by   Mariss1
    I also have no volunteer work, Everything they ask for in the application has weight in the decision.
  11. by   fio917
    My GPA is 3.73, teas score is 86.7. I'm not sure of my science GPA, so far I've gotten one B and the others are all A in my science classes
  12. by   caitlinw
    I applied for fall! My GPA is a 3.66 and my TEAS is 81. I have a good bit of volunteer hours under my belt though so I'm hoping I'm a good-ish candidate
  13. by   shabrita
    Hey guys! I'm applying for Fall 2017 too.

    I'm not sure of my science GPA, but my overall is a 3.63 and I got an 87 on the TEAS. I also have close to 100 volunteer hours, so I'm hoping I have a decent chance of getting in! Which track did you all apply for? I did both TRAD and ACE.
  14. by   jabita
    Only TRAD. I wanted to apply for ACE, but since I have a baby, I am afraid I won't make it.