Georgetown CNL Fall 2018

  1. Hello All,

    Anyone applied to Georgetown Fall 2018
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  3. by   gabbyg
    Hi there,

    I've applied to the Fall CNL program at Georgetown. Surprised I hadn't seen a forum created for this applicant pool yet. I received the email earlier this week about admissions notifications coming out soon. Excited to hear back!
  4. by   Aapage87
    Yes same!! Hopefully soon
  5. by   Mmclau6
    Last year they heard on 3/8, hopefully we will hear by the end of the week. I'm so nervous.
  6. by   Aapage87
    I saw that.. I am thinking that same thing. Soo nervous but I am trying to remain calm
  7. by   Mmclau6
    Has anyone heard back yet?
  8. by   Aapage87
    I heard back and I am accepted into the program!!!
  9. by   Mmclau6
  10. by   Aapage87
    Check the apply yourself website at the bottom.
  11. by   Mmclau6
    I just did, am waitlisted, they just didn't send an email.
  12. by   gabbyg
    I've been waitlisted as well. Anybody know from past years' forums whether many were taken from the waitlist? I've been accepted elsewhere but would love to keep hopes up if it were likely.
  13. by   SK13
    I received my acceptance yesterday at 4:00 central time.
  14. by   JMO060913
    Hi All,

    Just found out I was accepted today. I have a hard decision ahead of me. Fell in love with this program, but also considering one other. Has anyone heard about scholarships?

    Also, is there a facebook group?