Georgetown ABSN Fall 2012 - page 5

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else applied to the accelerated bsn program at Georgetown starting this fall? I am attending an information session in mid April and wanted to see if anyone... Read More

  1. by   oldmare
    I got in too. I just emailed the WHC person to see when we would hear about the scholarship decisions, will update you if/when I get a response
  2. by   career switcher
    Thanks! And congrats!
  3. by   marecabe
    Check your emails, the WHC decisions have been sent out! I feel like I'm dreaming, I got it! Since I'm relocating from NY, I'll be looking for roommate(s) too.

    Haley, I'll get in contact with you. If anyone else is looking for a roommate, you can reach me at

    Congrats to all who have been accepted! I look forward to meeting all of you in August!

  4. by   lcsull
    Is it too nerdy for us to set up a Facebook group for the 2012 Fall ABSN program??? I got in, and also got the WHC. Not sure about the rooming situation yet, but I might be contacting you guys about roommates!

    Congrats to all. Very excited for August!
  5. by   marecabe
    lcsull- not at all, I've noticed most of the past cohorts have done just that. I'm unsure how to go about doing it, but if you know how that'd be great!
  6. by   bsntobe
    I agree! That would be great if you could start one. I got in as well with the WHC. So excited!! I'll probably need a roommate(s) too! Congratulations everyone!
  7. by   TXgirl912
    I got it too! Congrats everyone!
  8. by   oldmare
    I got in and got the scholarship too, congrats everyone! I've now got to make a tough decision between going to UMD or going to Georgetown. Both great programs, both will cost about the same including the WHC scholarship. Only reason I'm on the fence is that I love the idea of having a job lined up at WHC, which is an awesome hospital, but all those extra non-nursing classes (religion, anyone?) that you have to take at Georgetown add to an already accelerated workload.
  9. by   lcsull
    Hi guys! I'm going to start a Facebook group, but I have to be FB friends with some of you first to be able to start one (so it's not just me). If you guys don't mind Friending me, I'll get it started ASAP! My name is Laura Sullivan, and I went to the University of Richmond if that helps you find me!

    Really can't wait for fall!
  10. by   marecabe
    Hey lcsull! I think I found you.. I just sent the friend request/message. Let's get the group started
  11. by   lcsull
    Thanks Marianne! You picked the right Laura Sullivan

    Here's the link for everyone else to join on Facebook: Log In | Facebook
  12. by   marecabe
    Awesome, thanks Laura! If the link acts up on you, you can also just search this thread's title to find the group and join