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  1. Can anyone tell me what to expect with this class? It's my next one and I'm really nervous about writing a paper that is so long.

    Do we need to have statistical references such a bar graphs, and such?


    Do we simply submit it to the instructor through LC?

    Then what? How long does it take to get a final grade and do we get it the usual way, by checking the forum??

    I'm so nervous about this!!
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  3. by   mom2joeyntj
    How did it go? I'm starting my first week of Professional Research and scared.
  4. by   tokmom
    It went really well. I had an amazing professor who made a very busy class doable. The large paper is actually broken down into smaller papers and then put together into the capstone. It a very busy class. Not gonna lie. Your best bet is to have your PICO question and an idea of what you want to write about. Also, you will need 15 minimum literature review with 8 of them research based. If you can, start gathering so you aren't going crazy in the class itself trying to gather everything. Most weeks have 2 or 3 assignments due, hence a very busy class. I thankfully gathered my research months early, by slowly reading on my topic. My PICO, I did change in the class, but it just needed to fit my literature. I had my paper done early, so I turned in my finished paper on a Tuesday and it was due on Sunday. I only had to answer my DQ.

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   mom2joeyntj
    Thanks! It is overwhelming, I keep telling myself one assignment at a time. Finding relevant articles feels like it may kill me. 30 days left!! 30...30...30

    I'm done after my BSN, are you planning on going on?
  6. by   tokmom
    Oh, FYI, the articles, and research can't be over 5 yrs old unless it's qualitative and current. This throws in another challenge.

    Will I go on? I would if I could take on more debt and knew what I would do with an MSN! lol. I really enjoyed learning and know there is more out there to learn!
  7. by   mom2joeyntj
    My friend just got her DNP and her final project didn't even need 15 articles. It's so frustrating, you need to have a specific PICO statement but then getting 15, peer reviewed, < 5 year old articles is crazy. I'm just starting the 3rd assignment for week one...Sources of Literature, evaluating articles. I printed my articles (which I'm sure just killed an acre of rainforest) and am even more concerned I won't have enough that are specific enough and not sure I have any qualitative articles.
  8. by   tokmom
    It really isn't that difficult to find that many articles. Head to the GCU library, type in quantitative, qualitative, and your subject. If it is a current topic, it's not that difficult. I think I found all of mine in one evening.
  9. by   MPRN0409
    tokmom, BSN,
    I am set to start at GCU at the end of the month, and have come across reviews of which many included your own. I would appreciate any suggestions/advice you have for the RN to BSN program, as well as your opinion on how the program was in general. I know this is a pretty late post, but hope to see a response from you or anyone one else who are GCU alumni or currently attending.
  10. by   mom2joeyntj
    I was in the program June 2013-August 2014 and I enjoyed it and felt like I learned quite a bit. You can expect to write approximately one paper a week, with a few varying assignments thrown in. Make sure you understand that this is a BSN program and you will have plenty to do. You typically have to answer two questions every week, including references and then you have to respond to 3 peers responses for each question as well (and depending on the professor referenced as well). It can be very time consuming. I had a FT job, PT job, husband, and two children and felt like I didn't give anything the time or patience it deserved, but we got through and am very glad I completed my BSN.
  11. by   MPRN0409
    Thank you for the feed back mom2joeyntj! I'm really excited, have always been in the classroom, so online education is new to me and wanted to see how others felt the program was designed for working RNs.
  12. by   Maleornurse
    Hi, I am taking this project next, but I have an extremely busy schedule and I would love to do what you did. I just need some help with it. I would love to contact anybody for an advise on how to do this project please. My email is fradam18@gmail.com
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  13. by   NurseBananasUhOh
    I seen and read your other posts here regarding capstone! Great info! I guess I should have kept reading on instead of asking for tip, lol! I would love to take the capstone course with the professor you had, they seemed really good. & pleasant. thank you again! Christine
  14. by   Pawleenuhrn
    Hi I know this is an old post, but I am starting at GCU going into my second class. The counselor just contacted me about the capstone class and I was wondering how that 100 hr requirement works and who did you ask to be your mentor?!