GCC Glendale Community College winter/spring 2018

  1. Good morning,

    My name is Richard and I applied to GCC for the winter/spring 2018 semester and wanted to start and topic for everyone to discuss.
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  3. by   highervibrations
    Hi there,
    Have you heard back from them at all regarding teas testing dates?
  4. by   Richard18
    No, not yet. I was told I would hear back in October. So just waiting
  5. by   highervibrations
    ok, cool. I was starting to get worried. What other schools did u apply to?
  6. by   Richard18
    I also applied at LAVC, and you.
  7. by   highervibrations
    county & pierce
  8. by   dear_anusara
    Hello everyone,
    I applied to GCC for the winter/spring 2018.
    When I submitted my application, I was told that we are supposed to hear from them around mid October.
    For those who pass the cutoff ,they are going to send the invitation for taking the TEAS Exam or sending the TEAS transcript if you already take the test.

    I also applied to PCC and Rio Hondo.
    Those schools are also going to send out an acceptance email around October too.
    I am so exited and nervous.
    The waiting is killing me.
    I constantly checking my email. Lol

    Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   Ninramism
    I also applied to gcc and today I got the invitation for the teas which is on October 25.
  10. by   LMA333
    Hi Everyone! I also got my email yesterday inviting me to take the TEAS. Since I already took it, I sent my score to their office and emailed them for a confirmation of receipt. Now the waiting game begins!!!
  11. by   dear_anusara
    For those who already submitted the TEAS transcript, you won't receive an invitation email.
    I just called them and they said they have everything they need.
    That is why they don't send you an email.
    If you pass the cutoff GPA and TEAS test, you will be placed into random selection.
    The lady says we should hear from them around November.
  12. by   Kimberleebee
    I got the email as well. I scheduled my appt for the 1pm-4 on the 25th to take the teas
  13. by   PinkOlivee
    Hello, I just got an email too for the teas. Have you guys studied? 😫
  14. by   Kimberleebee
    Not too much lol