Gateway CC LPN Fall 2017 Cohort

  1. Has anyone received acceptance for the fall 2017 cohort?
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  3. by   Esme12
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  4. by   Tink1280
    I received an email a few days ago asking if I was still interested. Waiting nervously to find out if I made it in this fall.
  5. by   CNA16
    When did you apply?
  6. by   Tink1280
    November 18 2016
  7. by   CNA16
    I applied this February and was hoping for fall placement but looks like it will be spring 2018
  8. by   Tink1280
    Did you get the letter asking if you were still interested and if you wanted days/evenings?
  9. by   CNA16
    No, they started in July 2016 applications for the fall cohort
  10. by   Tink1280
    Dang my stomach is in knots over this.
  11. by   CNA16
    I think they can offer placement until the first day of class.... I really hope to start this fall🙄
  12. by   AZKH85
    Hello. I also got a email to confirm my interest and select my preference of days or nights. The email said the last day to confirm status for the program was yesterday (April 6th). So hopefully that means some time in the near future (maybe next week but that's wishful thinking) they will send out the email to confirm those who got a seat for the fall semester. Good luck to everyone. I'll post again if I hear back from gateway.
  13. by   CNA16
    Oh OK, thank you. When did you apply @AZKH85?
  14. by   AZKH85
    Late November. Didn't make it in time for the spring so hoping my luck changes for this fall.