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Hey, everyone! I am new to this site, and am looking for others in the same boat as me! I am just getting ready to submit my applications for Fall 2016. So far I am applying to two schools, one being... Read More

  1. by   csanmiguel
    There isn't a set amount of points. I applied for Fall and didn't get in, lol. I knew that would happen though because I only had 47 points because I wasn't done with my anatomy classes, so I was missing like 30 points. Lol. This go around I'll have around 70 points. So they had over 200 applicants apply for Fall 2018 and they just went down the list of who had the most points until they filled up. They said they've never had that many people apply before. I did take the TEAS, like October last year. I got like a 74 or 75 on it, and you need like a 58 I think for it to count for admission.