Farmingdale Spring 2019

  1. Hi everyone!

    I didn't see a topic for spring 2019 for this school so I thought I'd start it for everyone. Everyone feel free to share grades/teas scores and such! I'll start.

    Statistics: A
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I: A
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II: A
    English Composition: B+
    Introduction to Psychology: B+

    Overall GPA: 3.3
    TEAS: 90.0 Overall (98th Percentile)
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  3. by   teabella16
    Hello! I'm also applying to Farmingdale for the Spring 2019 semester. My overall GPA is 3.83 with a pre-requisite GPA of 3.7. I scored a 79 on my TEAS exam. It proved to be much more challenging after being out of school for 4 years that I originally thought it would be. Good luck to all
  4. by   josephine1
    do you guys know if they allow you to complete any of your pre reqs fter the dedline to apply because i already have my anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, psychology, English comp, statistics, a humanities course and an art curse but that's it. I think I need 1 more from the liberal arts and sciences list right?
  5. by   Dizzy97
    Not sure, I would call and ask admissions.
  6. by   teabella16
    Per the Nursing department website, "All prerequisite courses required for the advanced standing
    program MUST be completed by the end of the Summer term,prior to the October 15 deadline." And yes, you need one more liberal arts course.
  7. by   SkyeDecember
    hi everyone! I've been looking for a thread for the FSC spring 2019 program as well, and I'm glad I found this one
    so my credentials:
    GPA: 4.0
    TEAS: 88.6
  8. by   skhag1015
    Hi everyone!

    GPA: 3.75
    TEAS: pending

    I am so nervous. The TEAS was a bit difficult but I think overall I did a decent job. I have A's in all the pre-reqs except Stats so I'm hoping that doesn't bring me down. Good luck to us all...
  9. by   skhag1015
    During the nursing seminar they said you need an additional 3 liberal arts on top of the pre-reqs if I remember correctly. Definitely call and check to be sure.
  10. by   josephine1
    Has anyone heard anything back from admissions? Or do you know when we will?
  11. by   Lonatsola2
    Hi! We should hear from the admissions office by the week following Thanksgiving day the latest.
  12. by   josephine1
    Thank you!
  13. by   SkyeDecember
    after thanksgiving!! that's almost December...
    I don't know if I can survive waiting for that long... the anticipation/nervousness is killing me
  14. by   nicolab123
    hey guys! decided to hop in this convo as I did apply literally in August and after I saw thanksgiving I said to myself no way!!! I have been having anxiety for the last month! I just got off the phone with admissions they said they should be sending out final decisions at the end of October! So I am hoping we know sooner! Anyone feeling lucky? not too sure if I am