fall to CSUEB, for 2017 nursing program ??? !!

  1. Is anyone applying to cal state east bay this fall for fall 2017 ???! nursing program
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  3. by   hollie18
    I am! Getting my application together now, but May seems so far away to hear back from the school... I also applied to Sac State, but Sac seems a bit more competitive. I'm curious how many points I'll have at CSUEB.
    Transfer Student
    GPA 3.89
    TEAS 87.3%
    Healthcare Points
    I hope to at least make the wait list.
  4. by   Jade_01
    Great stats, I'm military so from what I hear I just needed to meet the min. requirements, and took the teas already. I started my application on the first but I'm having some trouble with the transcript info, it's so much I need to call today to clarify. I am only applying to east bay because of their military priority. I live in Sacramento relocated because I thought they had the same priority for vets but they stopped it a while back. So I will have to relocate back to the bayarea. Your stats are very good though !! I think you will get into at least one if not both for sure.
  5. by   Jade_01
    And healthcare points as well, I'm a Lvn but have been working as a phlebotomist for that 3 years. What do you do in the medical field ?
  6. by   hollie18
    I am a esthetician, but work in a medical spa under a Dr who is doing medical esthetics: injections, peels, lasers, etc. I love it! It is one of the things I want to do part time as an RN. It may not be typical medical setting, but I think I will get the points because I do so much one-on-one with patients, assisting the Dr and doing the medical procedures I can do under my license. As for getting into Sac, I don't think I am going to make the cut. CSUEB is my first choice anyway because I live 15 minutes from the Concord campus. Sac would be a huge commute for me. Also, thank you for your service! My boyfriend is also a vet, was a Ranger in the Army. I am happy to know that you get priority into the program, which campus will you choose?
  7. by   Jade_01
    I'm going to pick Hayward campus only because I am familiar with the area more, and will be moving somewhere in that area between Hayward, Castro valley, San Leandro. It's so expensive now that I'm moving back. Yes I think you should still get the points it's one on one patient care like you said. Did you finish the application already or still working on it ? I heard some people from the previous year saying that the cas system is so tricky and they will return it if it's not correct. It's so nerve racking !!
  8. by   hollie18
    I finished my application to the school but have not done my supplemental. I will get the rest done this week and get my transcripts over too. I wonder what was so tricky? I already applied and got accepted into Sac State (school only) with no problems.
  9. by   hollie18
    Okay, now I know what you mean about tricky! The CAS app is very detailed! So many steps and questions. Glad I started it now, it is not an application that can be done last minute.
  10. by   Jade_01
    Yes very detailed, you literally have to list every school you've ever been to, regardless of it has something to do with the prerequisites for the nursing program. Luckily I called cas customer service yesterday and was able to get clarification before I submitted my application.
  11. by   hollie18
    Do you need to list every class you have taken or only the prerequisites? I think I will call CAS too, I want to get everything correct! Have you taken the TEAS?
  12. by   Jade_01
    Yes every school or class you have taken, that's what the cast representative told me and we have to send all transcripts for those classes and schools to them. Official transcripts, all of them not just the classes for prerequisites. Then I went back and read it on the CAS application under transcripts, it says give all transcript information for any classes you have ever taken.
  13. by   Jade_01
    Yes I took the teas, already I didn't get an 88, but they told me I didn't need to retake it again since I'm military.
  14. by   hollie18
    Wow, okay. I need to go back and add the classes. I did order my transcripts to send to them. I've applied more than a few school, this is definitely the most detailed app I've done by far.