El Camino College Spring 2018

  1. Hello Prospective applicants,
    I'm applying to el camino this fall for the spring 2018, I though we all shared out stats and scores here, and support each other through out this application process, feel free to comment and discuss anything about the program.
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  3. by   Skydr0
    This is an awesome idea! If all goes as planned, i will apply for Fall 2018 as well. Im currently at 57 pts. and am thinking of doing a CNA program before the year ends to bump me to 62. I wonder what the average pts. are right now?
  4. by   _xomjexo
    wow your chances of getting in are really high,I am currently at 49 points, i am a cna right now but don't have 1000 hours to get the points in the point system.
  5. by   jburgos
    Application opens up on Monday! Anyone make their nursing counselor appointment yet?
  6. by   jburgos
    Officially got the invite for the TEAS this past Friday! Last application period, the counselors said that not everyone got the invitation :\ Check your MyECC email!
  7. by   Chell33y
    That's great! I applied and still waiting for an email, mail something 😬😬😬
  8. by   k_val13
    received my Teas invite email last Friday.
  9. by   _xomjexo
    I Received my teas invite as well, mine is November 6! is anybody studying for the teas that would want to study ?/
  10. by   k_val13
    My teas date is November 7th!
    Yeah I wouldn't mind getting together to study
  11. by   _xomjexo
    I am free on saturday afternoon! Anyone else who wants to srudy, we can meet up, I live around torrance, I usually study at the starbucks on 190th and anza, is by a CVS, but we can go to another if you want!
  12. by   lxcynaz
    Hello everyone,
    I already took the TEAS in August at CSULA upon my own discretion. I got a email last night requesting for me to send the results to them. I have the book available if anyone is interested. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
  13. by   _xomjexo
    Hi! How did you do if you dont mind me asking?
  14. by   k_val13
    @_xomjexo 12:00pm today? I'll meet you there around that time