Edison State College Fall 2013

  1. Is anyone applying to Edison for this fall 2013? if so how many points do you have and are you applying for day or evening?
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  3. by   puppyrunner
    Hi. I'm applying to Fall Evening for 2013. I have 91 points, a 95 overall on HESI and As in pre-reqs, although I still need A&P2 and Microbiology, which I'm taking this summer. How about you?
  4. by   Dreashae
    I also applied for evening Lee campus as first choice I only have 82 points though.. fingers crossed. Puppyrunner you will definitely get in with 91 points. I have a 6 month old and work full time so I scored kind of low on HESI with an 87 because I didn't study at all. I also have a C in ENC I which brought my grade point down. It kind of stinks I couldn't use my ENC II or professional writing grades which I got an A in both. I still also need to take A&P II and Microbio.
  5. by   dnarbwen
    I applied for the evening program too, and I had 90 points. Has anyone gotten any calls yet?
  6. by   puppyrunner
    That's too bad about having to use your ENC 1 grade But your HESI score is nice with no studying, a job and a baby...good for you!

    I found out I did make it in the Evening program!
  7. by   julieannlpn
    They already let you know that you were accepted?
  8. by   Dreashae
    When did you find out? Do they let you know if you didn't make it and why?
  9. by   sugar_britches
    A friend got word last night/this morning she was accepted into the Collier Day program, via her Edison email.
    Good Luck to everyone still waiting to hear their outcome!
  10. by   dnarbwen
    I got a call Monday saying I got accepted to the Lee Evening Program.
  11. by   dnarbwen
    I applied a couple years ago and didn't get accepted. They sent me an email, but didn't say why I wasn't accepted. I finished my prerequisites and retook a couple classes I got C's in and reapplied this year and got in and I think it was only a five point difference between the last time I applied and this time.
  12. by   puppyrunner
    I got a phone call Monday that I got in, then an email. I don't know what they do to notify you if you don't make it in. Sorry.
  13. by   Dreashae
    I got in to Collier day program, but it's too far so I think I'm just going to have to wait until next year. I already have a BS in Health Science and need my RN so I can use it to get employment with any hospital. So frustrating!!! Since I will probably wait another year I guess I will do Micro and A&P 2 any suggestions for professors from anyone would be great! I took (name redacted per ToS) for A&P 1 got an A and loved him, but he is not teach A&P 2.( name redacted per ToS) . suggested (name redacted per ToS) for Micro, but I don't see him teaching either next semester. Any suggestions would be great need to get an A.
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  14. by   dnarbwen
    Quote from puppyrunner
    I got a phone call Monday that I got in, then an email. I don't know what they do to notify you if you don't make it in. Sorry.
    Looks like you and I will me classmates. Congrats on getting in!!!