D'youville Spring 2018

  1. Hi my name is Samantha and I was recently accepted into D'youville College of Nursing in New York for Spring 2018, therefore starting clinicals in Fall 2018. I really want to go but my mom is trying to force me to go to a school in Texas, however, my GPA for the Texas school is extremely low (they did not take a bunch of my classes from my current school in Michigan) and now I'm in a dilemma. New York gave me a large scholarship and Texas gave me a small one but my mom is scared that I'll be in a State where I know no one. (Bear in mind I'm 17 years old and college sophomore and since I'm really young she is still trying to dictate my life). I almost know I won't get into the Texas SON so I really do think I should go to New York. DO you have any ideas to let her let me go to NY? Also are any of you starting the Nursing Program in January 2018? Look forward to hearing your replies!
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  3. by   gmamani0
    I'm attending D'Youville for Spring 2018 for their BSN program. I'm 24 but my GPA was meh and I got a scholarship as well. I'm mostly going because I don't want to wait and I also know I won't get in anywhere else (possibly).
  4. by   samanthacanela
    OMG yeah I didn't want to wait either and didn't know if I would get in elsewhere. Are you staying in campus housing?
  5. by   inspire1
    What was your GPA if you don't mind me asking. I'm currently finishing up my essay for fall 2018 admission.