Drexel University ACE Program - Fall 2011 - Acceptance Letters & Information - page 2

Hey everyone! I just got my acceptance letter today for Drexel University's ACE program starting in Fall 2011! :) Just wondering who else recieved their application decision.... And what everyone... Read More

  1. by   readynow
    Drexel Admissions has just sent me an e-mail that a letter with the decision on my acceptance has been made, and that I can check the "Discover Drexel" portal in the meantime. It says that I've been accepted to Fall 2011, yea!! I'm unclear, though: The portal does correctly acknowledge that I would be entering as an ACE BSN student, but, is there a separate acceptance process by the ACE department? The portal shows that I have no incomplete items, and as far as I know, all of my prereqs are completed. I do not want to annoy Admissions with a phone call when just waiting for snail mail might answer this question. Is it too early to be excited? Am I in ACE, or just in Drexel??? :uhoh21:
  2. by   jnlynnde
    Hi hiddencatRN,

    Do you have any advice for incoming ACE students? What is your opinion on the students who didn't make it thru the program? Were they not cut out for an accelerated program or did they not apply themselves? What are your thoughts? I'm still waiting to hear if I'm accepted into the Fall 2011 program.