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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   Jennaczar
    Hey Everbody!
    I am in the Spring 2010 program as well! I received my provisional letter a few days ago and wondered how I am going to take the pre-reqs they need. The Fall semester has already started and i am waiting on which classes I need. What grades are needed to be fully accepted into the program? I am alittle confused if I am concretely in the program or it all depends on whether or not I get an A in all the required stuff.. Anyways- I am SUPER excitedddd!! Can't wait to move to philly and meet you all!

  2. by   CocoBelly
    Hi Jenna!

    Congrats on your acceptance!

    All of your pre-reqs need to be completed before the start of the program. So I think you would really only be able to take them this fall semester. The program starts in March, therefore not allowing you to take any classes Spring semester. (Kind of frustrating because we'll have about 3 months off before the program starts)

    Where do you live now? You may be able to find a school that has winter sessions if you are not able to get into fall. If you are close to Philly, our schools don't start until September 8th, so in theory you could still get in.

    A provisional acceptance basically means that based on your GPA you have gotten into the program, but you cannot start the program until all of your pre-reqs are completed with a C or above. Hopefully you don't have too many to take.


    Hope that helps a bit.
  3. by   Jennaczar
    Hi CoCoBelly,
    Thanks for writing back! I know i am stressing about the pre-reqs because I have already started my fall semester here on Long Island. I am currently taking Developmental Psych and Statistics.. I am now thinking I should get into an Ethics class of some sort. I have all the major core classes like AnP I and II. I wish they would just answer my calls ! i am so frustrated because I want to start in the Spring!!
    By the way, where are you from? I've read so many posts on here but can't remember if you said or not.. The program starts March 30- right? Any idea what the quarters are broken into and when we have time off? (sorry so many questions)

    Oh yeah- I don't know if you'd know this but.. Is there direct entry if we are accepted into this program--> the nurse practitioner program?

    Hope to talk with you soon!
  4. by   CocoBelly
    I'm originally from Delaware, but live in Philly now.

    I think the program starts somewhere around there, but not sure of the exact date. I actually thought it would be mid-late March, not end of march. (I think it started March 30th this year, but next year might be slightly different). The quarters are 10-weeks with one week off in between.

    There is no MSN direct entry for those in the ACE program- however there is the Early Assurance Program where basically, the top 50% (by GPA in the program) of ACE students in their last semester can apply for their MSN program (and I assume you have a pretty high chance of getting in- I haven't done too much research on it yet, but I bet it's like a guaranteed provisional acceptance.) It looks like you still need the one year of experience for most of the MSN programs though, so it's not continuous.

    Well, I am kind of a wealth of knowledge on this program... I think I know more about this program then I will ever know about the human body or nursing in general! whoops- maybe i should get my priorities straight

    Let me know if you have more questions... But I'm definitely not the person to ask about financing the program! Because... I know nothing about that stuff.
  5. by   Jennaczar
    Thanks for all your information! Atleast one of us knows what's going on! haha- I really want to become a Nurse Practitioner and be more independent and in control like a doctor. I love thinking about that!

    I was planning on applying all over the place for accelerated nursing programs, but now since I got into this program everything is changing! I applied to College of New Rochelle but they aren't going to let me know until the week of Oct 26th, which will be too late to decide between the two schools. That's alittle frustrating.. I am not sure what to do!

    Is Drexel considered a good school in PA? I honestly don't even know much about it.. I figured I'd ask since you live in the area. I was just so desperate to get into a program I decided where ever I get in- I will go!! A new adventure!

    Anyway, tell me more about you. What is your background with nursing?

    Thanks for answering my posts! =D
  6. by   AugustRain
    Congrats on your acceptance - your letter should tell you the conditions of your acceptance (deadlines & grades), I think my requirement was about a month before classes started. You can probably take winter classes to finish up in time.

    The ACE program is very well respected in the area, but if you're still looking elsewhere, you could always send in your deposit and keep applying...not necessarily a great option, but better than ending up with nothing!

    Also, the early assurance program allows you to take lecture classes while you work toward the clinical RN experience required to begin graduate clinicals.
  7. by   jennaruth
    Hi Everyone-
    I just got into Drexel for the Spring as well. My name is Jenna too, so that makes two of us. That's fun.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon. And everyone who is moving here to Philly, you will love it. Its a great city, those of us from around here will help you to find the best, hidden spots.
  8. by   Jennaczar
    Hi August Rain,
    Thank you! My admissions letter did not have any class information on it. It just said that they will be contacting me regarding pre-requisites. I called today but didn't get a response back. Good idea about the winter semester. You are currently enrolled in the program now, right?
    Can you explain to me exactly what the early assurance program is? I see it is basically offered in your 3rd quarter and is for exceptional students only. How many students are accepted into these programs and when do you start?

    Look forward to speaking with you!
  9. by   Jennaczar
    Jenna! haha how funny.. I was reading your post and i was thinking, I dont remember writing that! I cannot wait to check out the city! Where do you live about? I have never been to philadelphia- I am so excited to see what the city has to offer! Is the school is a relatively good area? Very nice to meet you! =)
  10. by   AugustRain
    Hi Jenna,

    Yes, I'm a current student, finishing my 4th quarter next week.

    Early assurance is essentially an alternative application process to Drexel's various grad programs, specfically for current students. It sort of streamlines the process for you if you apply while you're still in the ACE program. I believe you can apply regardless of your class standing, though as with any school, a higher GPA improves your chances of being accepted.

    I'd really suggest getting settled into being an ACE student before you start dealing with grad school options. There were one or two information sessions about early assurance this year, and I'm sure they'll offer them to your class too. There are specific tracks for each degree (MSN, DrNP, PhD) and specialty, so you'd need to contact the director for each program to get details. I think the MSN program starts each fall, so you would begin the September after your 4th quarter.

    Hope that answers some of your questions!
  11. by   PrincessO

    I recently applied to Drexel...did anyone else apply after the deadline? How long does it usually take to here back?

    Jen, did you recently apply?

    Also...my gpa is 2.9 in undergrad and about 3.1 total...is that competitive enough?

    Thank you!
  12. by   Jennaczar
    Hi August,
    Thanks so much for the information! It all sounds so exciting.. My ultimate goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner.. I'd like to jump into it right away. You are right though, I always get ahead of my self and need to concentrate what is at hand here. Can you offer us any tips for surviving the ACE program? I see alot of people say its extremely difficult- I am soo passionate about this and CANNOT wait to start the program. I think I have enough drive to succeed. I'd love to hear how you are doing any everything! You are almost done- Congrats!

    Hi Princess,
    I applied after the deadline. I think I found out in a month. Pretty quick! Hopefully you won't have to take any pre-reqs because there is not much time between now and Spring Semester! I had a 3.6 overall GPA and ok pre-req grades. I had a great rec letter also. I am sure if they think you are cut out for the program, you will be accepted! Where are you from and when did you apply? Good to hear from you!

  13. by   CocoBelly
    Hi Guys! Sorry I didn't get the emails on the post updates, so I had no idea this whole conversation happened!

    I'm getting really excited for the program to start- and Jenna, you sound like me- I am sooooo motivated and driven. I also want to be a Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health, and I know everyone says to take it one step at a time, but I do like to think about the end goal bc it really just keep me so excited and motivated to do my best and get there fast!! I may get my MSN over the course of a few years though, because I do think its important to be a competent nurse before moving on to a much higher status. This is why I chose NP over PA (and that NP's can have their own practice!) and why I chose Drexel over the 2 year Jefferson program.

    And Jenna, you asked about my background- I have a BA in Photography and worked in publishing/ advertising/ marketing for about 5 years. Lost my job last year and decided to do what's always been in the back of my mind and the forefront of my interests. My dad is a doctor and my whole family works in the medical field (my sister works in pharm sales- different, but similar, ha) I've always been interested in pathology and always wanted to be the one researching for friends and helping them out.. I think it's in my blood I took an EMT course last fall and am now a certified EMT-B, but I didn't end up doing anything with that.. I thought I wanted to work in the hospital as a tech while I'm taking my pre-reqs, which I still do but they require a good year of experience doing transport work, and I tried that for about 3 days and just about wanted to kill myself. I'm not so sure I belong in an ambulance basically being a taxi service for the elderly- taking them to dialysis and back!! I definitely need to be in the hospital or office setting. However, I really did love the course and I took that first to make sure I was choosing the right field and in that sense, a thousand dollars isn't really a high price to pay... and now I can save lives! (only downfall is that everywhere I go, I mentally prepare myself in case someone collapses in front of me, or gets hit by a car, or chokes, or has a heart attack or seizure... My imagination stresses me out quite often!)

    I would love to hear about everyone's backgrounds- what they got their first bachelor's in and how they ended up here!!