Does being an LVN disqualify one from a Second degree program?

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm studying sociology at a University in SoCal. I had always planned to apply to second degree nursing program since it was clear that getting into my universitys program after transferring in from NY was going to be a long shot and extra time I didn't want to waste. I have about 38 units to go after this semester but I recently found out that Jobcorps LVN program is free and I'm sure I meet the income requirements having previously been in the system before 13. Of course if I'd known about this program 4 1/2 years ago straight from HS I would've applied then work my way up without all the debt but eh hindsight is 20/20. Anyway I'm getting anxiety about job prospects since sociology is not a set field where xy and z jobs are in place beyond teaching and short research assignments of course. What I was thinking of is if I can get into the jobcorps LVN program or a night/weekend program then I could finish my Soc degree online or later because I want a somewhat stable living after college and LVN might provide that? This might be to idealistic. But I want to know if having an LVN degree would disqualify me from pursuing an second degree program if I finished my BA in Sociology later? Sounds like it does because one the schools find out I have an LVN and BA they'd push you towards and LVN to BSN right? I just want to know if anyone has any input in this?
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  3. by   Miiki
    I wouldn't think so, but I would call the admissions offices of the schools you will be applying to to find out for sure.