Denver College of Nursing April 2018

  1. Hi there everyone!! I am starting a section for Denver College of Nursing student cohort for the April 2018 semester. I recently applied to the school for the BSN program, and I am a current BS graduate in California. I just wanted to start this to see how the process was going for everyone in regards to the admissions emails that will be coming out in the next few months! Please feel free to reach out to me on here if you guys have any questions for me as well!
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  3. by   martiniuc22
    Hi there! I moved to Denver from California three weeks ago and came across this school last minute doing some online research. I am working on my personal statement and plan to finally turn in my application on the 29th! I have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering! Did you include a title? What format did you use (apa or mla)? I am also not sure how to begin my statement and how to go about answering the questions!
  4. by   Jennifer.trinh4
    Hi Lauren! My name is Jennifer and I am also from California! I submitted my application awhile back and anticipating for them to reach out. Hopefully this waiting game won't be terribly dreadful. I will post if I hear anything from DCON. Best of luck!
  5. by   Jennifer.trinh4

    Probably too late now since the deadline is over. But google personal statements and use that as references. I did it for all of my personal statements and it helped bring out ideas. Good luck!
  6. by   laurenleonard18
    Hi there! And sorry for the late response and I didn't include a title and I used MLA formatting because that's what I am most familiar with! I felt like the questions were very broad, so I answered them with my passion for wanting to become a nurse! Also, I included my educational background, volunteer experiences and licenses I have already obtained as well! I hope you get in best of luck!
  7. by   robertsjsara
    Hello All! I recently applied for the April 2018 cohort. Really, hoping I get into this program, since this is the only one I applied to... Let me know if anyone hears back.....
  8. by   Jennifer.trinh4
    Hi Everyone!!
    Has anybody heard anything from Denver college yet? The wait is killing me!
  9. by   Bhartijx4
    Hi Jennifer.trinh4,

    Last year when I applied for the April start date, I heard back November 3rd -- therefore, I'm guessing it will be around the same time this year as well so hopefully we start hearing back by the end of next week/first week in November!

    Fingers crossed for everyone good luck!
  10. by   Jennifer.trinh4
    Hi! Thank you for your response! Do you currently attend Denver College? If so, what are your thoughts on the interview and school? If you don't mind me asking. No worries if you don't want to respond!
  11. by   Bhartijx4
    I don't currently attend Denver College. I applied this time last year for the April 2017 start date and was accepted but couldn't afford the program at the time since the cost of the program is ridiculous and you're only given $12,500 from the school. I received an "interview email" but if you receive an email saying, "congratulations, your application has been processed and you can now move forward with scheduling an interview" it basically means you've been accepted. The "interview" is very informal and a way for the school to get to know you and for you to tour the facility and arrange your finances. The only question your asked is "what made you interested in DCN" and your response is not recorded - you're still considered accepted.
    The admissions director does a majority of the talking and is super friendly and really goes out of her way to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. My "interview and tour" lasted 2 hours which is more than I could have ever asked for when wanting to find out information about a school.
    The school itself is still growing but their NCLEX pass rates have been in 90's (disregard FAFSA stats) and the classes are held in one main building and clinical's are a 5 minute walk to another building, they really space out classes (you only take 3 at a time) through 7 quarters (21 months altogether) with a 1 week break in between quarters. Everyone I ran into at the school was super friendly and helpful with questions even if it was irrelevant such as, "where is a good place to eat while visiting Denver?"

    I've reapplied to the school and am hoping to be accepted again because there wasn't one thing I didn't love about the school, atmosphere, friendliness and helpfulness I received while visiting.

    Hope this helps!
  12. by   Bhartijx4
    Hello everyone!

    I received an interview email today! Anyone else?
  13. by   Robrtsjsara
    Yeah! I received an interview email as well! Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  14. by   Bhartijx4
    You as well!

    Please feel free to reach out to me @ if anyone decides to accept their admission decision -- I am accepting and will be looking for roommates