CSU stanislaus Spring 2018

  1. Hey guys,
    i just want to know if anyone is going to apply to CSU Stanislaus nursing program for the spring of 2018? If anyone does, what are your statistics? Currently, I have 87 points, but I have not taken the Teas yet. I will take the Teas on Sep 23rd at stan state's campus and hope i have enough time to apply before sep 31st. Anyway it would be much appreciated if anyone shared their stats.
    Thank you and good luck to everyone
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  3. by   Ahummel92
    I applied with a 4.0 GPA and a highest TEAS score of 92.0% with 5 of the optional points for healthcare experience so I have 100 point total. I know people who attend get a huge point advantage of 10 to 15 points so hopefully my score is high enough to compete with them. Good Luck!
  4. by   CareBear1234
    I got in 2 semesters ago with 95 points
  5. by   Treefrog001
    I think you have a very good chance of getting in. I m taking my TEAS next Saturday. I just hope I can make up to 80s.
  6. by   Treefrog001
    thank you for sharing. Getting into Stan Stat's nursing program has been my dream for years. currently, I have 87 points. I hope I can do good on my Teas next Saturday.
  7. by   CareBear1234
    They usually take people from the wait list too. I know there is someone that was 15 on the waitlist in my cohort. 87 is pretty good
  8. by   AAlderete16
    I am also applying this semester with 4.0 GPA, 85 on TEAS, and 5 additional points, 95 total. Mostly worried because people applying that already attend get those extra 9 points which is a lot!!
  9. by   Treefrog001
    I talked to their general counselor (not the nursing counselor) before. he said our transfer students will not compete with the students who have already attended the university. they will leave 15 seats for us, 15 seats for the ones who have the 9 extra points. so I think you have nothing need to worry. there is a nursing conference in Stan Stats on Sep 19th. Are you planning to attend? Maybe we can clarify this by then.
  10. by   AAlderete16
    Unfortunately not, I actually go to school on the east coast right now but do you think I would be able to send someone on my behalf to ask questions? Is it a conference for prospective nursing students kind of like an informative seminar? Do you have to register in advance?
  11. by   Treefrog001
    I think you do not have to register for it. Everyone who is interested in the program will be able to go. I believe it is just an information seminar and of course you can send someone to go for you.
  12. by   Treefrog001
    Here is the information:
    RN-BSN, Online RN-BSN, and Masters programs - Tuesday, September 26th 12-2 (Turlock S225-A)
    RN-BSN, Online RN-BSN, and Masters programs - Tuesday, October 24th, 12-2 (Turlock S225-A)
    RN-BSN, Online RN-BSN, and Masters programs - Tuesday, November 28th, 12-2 (Turlock S225-A)
  13. by   msmiley1234
    Hi, I am applying for Spring 2018 too! However, I took the TEAS and got an 81.3%, totaling 90 points. I am retaking it this Friday, but I am nervous that even 90 points is not good enough to get into the program Good luck to you all!
  14. by   Treefrog001
    Good Luck on this Friday. This is the second try, so you properly have more experience than before. I am taking my Teas this Saturday as well and very nervous now.