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Hi, I am planning to apply for CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Cohort 8, which will start in Jan 2019. I have a question for my pre-requisite statistic class, MATH 1600. I have taken Math 1610 for my... Read More

  1. by   rayem711
    From another forum:

    Quote from futurerninthemakin
    I calle then a few days ago. They mentioned that some letters were sent out last weekend. And more will be sent out this weekend!! So we'll probably be receiving them this upcoming week.

    Good luck to everyone!!
  2. by   rayem711
    Mine came in today!!! BUT I'm not home right now so I have no idea if I got in or not xD the suspense is killing me! Has anyone else gotten theirs today??
  3. by   Pomlife
    I got waitlisted number 3
  4. by   NursingPrincess209
    Received my acceptance in the mail yesterday! So excited that I got in, but still waiting to hear back from other colleges as well.