CSU Chico Spring 2014

  1. Hi everyone! I've been reading the posts and kept up with the forums, but I have yet to find a post specifically about CSU Chico for Spring 2014. I was wondering if anyone has applied for their Spring 2014 program. I hadn't realize that the program was only going to be 2.5 years, rather than 3, so I'm a bit more excited about applying there.

    Oh, and if you don't mind, what are your stats like? If I've read and understood their point system correctly, I should be at 86 or 87 points.
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  3. by   quynhuongo
    Hi AB92, where are you from?
    I'm about to apply to Chico in Sp14 too! But I need to take my TEAS test in Oct first.
    What's your gpa and teas and other points, u don't mind if I ask?
  4. by   AB92
    Hey @quynhuongo , I'm from the Lodi/Stockton area so I'm a bit of a drive away from Chico. How about yourself? My GPA isn't that high, but my grades are good enough to get the full 60 points for the grades portion. My TEAS was around the mid 80's and then I have 8-11 of the extra points.

    Good luck on your exam for the TEAS! What's your current point status without the TEAS? And what score are you hoping to get?
  5. by   quynhuongo
    Hey I'm from Oakland. I don't know yet about my points. I'm still having 1 science and 1 A areas class this semester.
    Do you have any back-up plan? Anw, do you wanna keep in touch via email?
  6. by   AB92
    Oh okay. Well I think as long as you have 2 A's in the science pre-req and 2 A's in the foundation pre-req, then you should be able to get the full 60 points in that section. But yes, I have applied to my CC's ADN and PT program as well as looking into an LVN program. What about yourself? What's your backup plan? Uhm, sure. Are we able to just post our personal emails on here?
  7. by   quynhuongo
    HEy there,
    Sorry for the late response. I've been busy. You can email me: huongqngo@hotmail.com
  8. by   k2115
    I applied to chico's spring program too! I'm wondering how many applicants they'll have. I have 89 points and I'm super anxious. I wish we found out sooner like all the other schools!
  9. by   AB92
    @quynhuongo I'll email you soon. Sorry, I've been busy as well.

    @k2115 That's high in points! From what I've read, the cut offs are mainly mid-high 80's so you should have a very good chance! I'm already dreading the wait too! December seems so far compared to when others find out from other schools.
  10. by   k2115
    You said you have 87? That's high too! Hopefully we both get in are you applying anywhere else? I'm nervous because I know a handful of people applying with points in the 90s. I can't wait till November so I can call and see how many applicants there are. Spring tends to have less.
  11. by   AB92
    @k2115 Yeah, for now. I'm hoping I get more points though. I'm so nervous! I know, I hope we get in too. Have you sent in your application yet? I haven't yet cause I'm scared I'll mess up on the application portion ): Ahhh, you know a handful? That's making me even more nervous! But yeah, I applied to my CC's ADN program. Hoping to do Chico's BSN instead though. I hope there's lesser applicants. Maybe it'll give us a better chance.
  12. by   k2115
    You're hoping for more than 87? Are there some areas where you could have more or something? Have you taken your teas? Ya I submitted mine, I wish the deadline was sooner! I want to find out. So you're from out of the area? Doesn't give you guys much time to find places which stinks! That'd be great if we got in together!!
  13. by   k2115
    @quynhuongo your two classes this semester can't be used towards your points...can't be in progress. So it shouldn't affect your total point calculation.
  14. by   k2115
    Ab92 does your cc go off points or lottery? Ours here is lottery and the wait is 3-4 years. Sucks! Hopefully yours is better