Collin College ADN Summer 2018

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  3. by   BrittJ412
    Ok...who is applying for Summer? Anyone retaking PSB soon?
  4. by   JMoore90
    I am! I take the PSB on November 28th
  5. by   JMoore90
    I'm focused only on timed arithmetic, nothing else really matters. I've already managed to learn a lot from Khan Academy, I really recommend that site.
  6. by   BrittJ412
    I'm gonna check out Khan Academy. I'm retaking it on Monday! Hoping there are a lot less applicants for Summer.
  7. by   JMoore90
    Factoring is what I'm working on now, here's a link!
    Factoring quadratics as (x+a)(x+b) (video) |
    Khan Academy
  8. by   BrittJ412
    Thanks! Did you have any factoring on the test last time? I didn't but like I said, I didn't get through very many questions. lol
  9. by   JMoore90
    I don't remember any, but there were one or two on the PSB secrets practice test. There were definitely more of the percentage/ratio type questions.
  10. by   BrittJ412
    Yes, I agree. I had a lot of word problems. Not just straight calculations. Which also takes longer. Ugh.
  11. by   JaQue07
    I am going to shoot for applying one more time as well, although seeing so many people applying is discouraging! I read an article where people are also getting their bachelors in other areas non medical field related to have that leverage. I've been toying with going to West Coast, but it's so much money and I'm not a fan of for profit schools, but what else can you do? I didn't really have much time to study for the PSB when I took it for spring. I'm hoping for a better outcome. I have As and Bs in my prereqs and support courses, and it is discouraging to see that people with straight As couldn't even get waitlisted. What gives me slight hope is seeing the gal with the Bs get in for spring..
  12. by   BrittJ412
    I agree. It is discouraging when you have worked hard in prerequisites, done the best you can on the PSB, and it isn't enough for them. I've been told several times not to retake my prerequisite classes with a B because it looks worse, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if they aren't going to accept me? So irritating.
  13. by   teerod
    Hi guys! I was waitlisted for Spring but haven't received a call yet. I plan on applying again for summer 2018 and I'm retaking the PSB on November 27th. Do you know, do they take the highest out of each section?
    Hopefully we will all get in this next round.
  14. by   teerod
    One more question, have any of you applied more than once? Thanks!