College of the canyons spring 2017

  1. Hello
    i just applied to COC RN program for spring 2017 and am seeing if anyone else has also! I have also applied for moorpark and thinking about applying to Glendale as well. Should I be studying for the TEAS? I don't have a high GPA in bio (all Cs...) do I even have a chance of being accepted??

    thanks for any replies ������
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  3. by   indigoviolet
    I was so happy to see someone started this thread! COC is my first choice, and I have been looking forward to applying there for so long. I'm so happy to finally be done with all of the prereqs! I am waiting for the email from COC to let me know that I can apply...It took a little longer because I took Micro at coc this summer, and my grade needed to post. I was considering Moorpark too, but the commute would be a bit tough for me. Glendale is a good option too. I'm not sure how much those C's will hurt you...with the point system you may be able to make up the points in other areas. I started studying for the teas, but I plan to start really focusing on it more near the end of September. Good luck!!
  4. by   Kehindeas
    I am also applying to coc
  5. by   ls84943
    Also applying! I have a C in physio, so I know your worries.
    I already have a bachelor in science, but I am not sure if that will help me.
    I am just waiting for the e-mail to come in if I am eligible to apply.
    Good luck to us all!
  6. by   sligo23
    I am still waiting for the email as well. I submitted the request a while ago and still have not heard back :-(
  7. by   shirlwilkerson
    It takes a while to receive the eligibility email. I submitted mine on the last week of June and got the email on july 20th.
  8. by   sligo23
    I submitted in June as well. I think one of my transcripts was delayed being uploaded by the admissions office. Hopefully this doesn't mess anything up.
  9. by   indigoviolet
    Hello. I was wondering if those of you who were waiting on pre-req evaluations have applied yet? I just submitted my application this morning, even though I never heard back about my pre-reqs. Have you guys applied to any other schools? I am really hoping to get into COC, I am not applying anywhere else this session. Now I am just waiting for the first round of emails to be sent out in mid September! And trying to study for the teas! Good luck everyone!
  10. by   sligo23
    I submitted today as well after not hearing back. COC is my #1 as well. I also applied to Moorpark, Pierce, and Pasadena. Next month I will also apply to Valley.
    Crossing my fingers that we all get back great news from COC!
  11. by   Kehindeas
    I also applied without hearing back. We should know something in two to three weeks. crossing my fingers as well.
  12. by   RNxoxo
    Yaay finally has started a thread COC is my first choice too, so hopefully I can get a spot.
  13. by   RNxoxo
    may I ask what your stats are?
  14. by   indigoviolet
    I have a 4.0 in the sciences and a 3.2 or so over-all. I also have healthcare experience. I haven't taken the teas yet. I am studying for it now, and it is stressing me out! What resources are you guys using to study? I have found that there are not many resources available for the new version of the Teas.