CCRI Fall 2018 Nursing Program

  1. Hello All!
    So, I just took my HESI A2 exam on January 9, 2018. My overall score was an 85. I am anticipating applying to the program this February, for Fall 2018. I'm a bit nervous at the moment, because my current points is 164.9; that includes my HESI score. I was told by an advisor that each application cycle varies in regards to the points and campus assignments, based on the applicant pool. Just curious to know who else is considering applying for the fall as well?
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  3. by   jvale

    I am also applying for the Fall 2018. I am taking my Hesi A2 exam on 1/30/2018. I have to say that I'm very nervous yet excited. I currently have 169 points not counting the Hesi exam. A friend of mine who started the program this past Fall 2017 said that the lowest score acceptance was around 179. It really depends on what campus you're going for and the group of people applying. They base their scores on the highest scores among the applicants.
  4. by   TB12bdTwin
    I am also applying for the Fall. I am re-taking HESI on the 30 to get more points. You look like you will have a great chance for acceptance if you have that many points without the Hesi. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   Nanii0912
    I am also applying for the nursing program Fall 2018. The lowest score that was accepted for spring was 179. I would range in that area for fall as well. As other people have said the lowest ccri accepts, changes every term, and is based on who applies and what campus your interested in attending. I have a 182 and that includes hesi. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. by   Chris2389
    I am also applying for this fall 2018. I hope to have about 175-180 after the HESI which I'm taking tomorrow. I'm applying for every campus, but hoping to get in Warwick. May I ask if you guys have any recommendations before taking the HESI? I've been studying for a couple of months and I feel very confident, but you never know. Good luck to you all!
  7. by   Nanii0912
    I know that the minimum they accepted at Warwick last round was 183. As far as hesi, reading comprehension was extremely easy. Just read the passage and take notes as you read them. As long as you do all the practice in the book for math you'll do great. STUDY CONVERSIONS! I totally ignored that chart that is located at the end of the math portion. Grammar was not bad at all! Vocab on the other hand seemed easy because of my experience in working in the ER. Unfortunately there were words that weren't in the book or that I have seen before. Is anyone waiting to take physiology and micro while they are in the program?
  8. by   Chris2389
    Thank you so much for the tips. I'm currently taking PHYS this semester. Just to get it out of the way. So far so good.
  9. by   Nanii0912
    Yeah no problem, I'm very big on helping one another. If you don't mind me asking who are you taking for physiology and which campus?
  10. by   Chris2389
    I'm taking it with prof. Hansen on Liston. She's excellent!
  11. by   Nanii0912
    I'm thinking about taking it in the summer, but not quite to sure about that.
  12. by   Chris2389
    If Anatomy was challenging for you, then Phys is probably going to be the same. If you think you can do it in the summer then go for it. So far everything has been relatively easy because we have been reviewing some Anatomy and basic chemistry, but I'm sure we'll get to the good stuff soon!
  13. by   Nanii0912
    Anatomy I came it with an A-. But I worked hard for it just like I do with all my other classes. I'm still debating whether or not to do it during summer or just wait for when I am in the program
  14. by   Chris2389
    Has anyone applied for the program yet? Lol