Capella flexpath or WGU

  1. Trying to decide which one would be a better option capella because there are no tests to study for there's only papers to write or WGU because there are courses that can be finished by passing a class within a week. I was enrolled in WGU before and only was able to complete two courses so that option ended up not being cheaper for me and am afraid that if I try again I may be held up because of a test that cannot be passed and I still will not finish as fast as I am hoping but feel as if I can write papers and fulfill the requirements for the courses at capella.
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  3. by   pmabraham
    You can finish classes at Capella University through their FlexPath in a few days. I finished five classes in three months. It is truly go at your own pace. WGU is also a good option, but not 100% online, not 100% go at your own pace depending on mentors.
  4. by   cdgpatterson
    Go to know may I ask which courses were the ones you were able to complete quickly also there a clinical type requirement like with the community health in WGU
  5. by   pmabraham
    Good day, CDGPatterson:

    Capella's FlexPath option is 100% online with no group projects OR a requirement to go out into the community or any area regarding in-person, face-to-face events. If you are comfortable writing APA-based papers and are familiar with online research tools (the Capella online library is extremely extensive), the first two classes can each be completed in one to two weeks. After the first two classes, the assessments of learning to continue to increase in complexity, but still allowing classes to be completed within one to four weeks depending on your work/life balance requirements. As I shared, the first semester, I finished five classes; and it looks like in the second semester (still in progress), I should be able to complete four courses leaving just three classes remaining to graduation. WGU does have pros because the exam-based courses have the potential to be finished in a day or two (vs. a week or two), and there have been people who completed the RN to BSN program in six months where the shortest history I've been able to verify with Capella's FlexPath method is 7 to 9 months (I'm on track for the 7 to 9 month finish). For those able to finish WGU in six months, it is more economical than Capella's FlexPath, yet the moment you cross over into the second six month period at WGU, the distance economically starts to close.

    I almost went with WGU (they do have a lot of good things going for them), but the following negatives helped me decide to go to Capella University:

    * WGU is not 100% online.
    * WGU is not 100% go-at-your-own-pace. There are scores and scores of students publishing in various Facebook WGU groups about mentors refusing to fast-track the student from one course to another.
    * WGU pushes biochemistry which I've yet to find any value for those of us in bedside nursing; given how complicated they've made the course (scores of students posting trouble passing the new setup), why bother if there are other universities that don't push a class which appears to have absolutely zero value for bedside nurses (btw, I've talked to faculty at nursing schools, and hmmm... no value in biochemistry for them as teachers).

    Thank you.
  6. by   cdgpatterson
    Thank you. Looking to start either Feburary or
    March with Capella will see how it goes Was supposed to start with WGU the same month but have a good feeling about Capella.