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Hi guys!! Haven't seen any threads for May 2018 so I figured why not start one!! I just submitted my application for Broward's May 2018 LPN-RN program so anxiously waiting for the deadline. While I... Read More

  1. by   chrisieefaithh
    i did and honestly it doesnt seem too bad!
  2. by   Kiverson001
    Hi anyone knows when decisions go out and what the deadline date is? I know she said Feb 15 but is that still the date?
  3. by   chrisieefaithh
    I think thats stil the deadline
  4. by   Mcandia1231
    I think it's really sad that students who work really hard to get in the program are bumped to a waiting list because of people who boost their grades with some bs course at Keiser. That's the only reason the graduating classes have been so low in number, because the cheaters couldn't hack it! If you have to boost your grade to become a nurse, you have no business having someone's life in your hand!
  5. by   Kiverson001
    Well that's very harsh. You don't know people's circumstances on why they didn't pass a class to begin with. So since you don't know I don't think you should make such harsh comments. FYI I had a B in my anatomy class and a C in anatomy class and it still wasn't good enough. But I'll give u a little story. I was attending a school while in the military and I was also pregnant. During that class period I started to experience a great deal of pain only to stand up and be bleeding due to a miscarriage. I was rushed to the hospital and was told the terrible news which I already knew was happening. I was too embarrassed to sit in front of those students again so my grade at that time was an A but since I chose to stop going to the class the teacher passed me with a C. Notnto put my business on online but u don't know what people are going through or went through to for them to have to retake a class. So if you don't have anything nice to say..... you know the rest or u can just get off this thread and find another thread to pour your negativity on!!!
  6. by   write2diego
    Hello guys I graduated from Bc in December and im selling some books. If want to save some money let me know. I went to north campus email me at
  7. by   write2diego
    I think is very rude for ppl to come in this threat with their negativity. Ppl need to mind their own business. And yes Broward college is very hard but if i was able to do it anyone can. as long as you are determined to be nurse and say to yourself no one is gonna get between me and getting that degree are disciplined, and have good time management you will be fine.
  8. by   Kiverson001
    Thank you! Which campus did you attend? How much of your time did it take up? I know it won't be easy and I'm prepared for that but still nervous!!
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  9. by   Kiverson001
    Haha just seen you answered the campus question as well! Lol. Were you in the generic program?
  10. by   write2diego
    Yea i was in the generic program. I studied 8 hours a day 5 to 6 a week with breaks
  11. by   Kiverson001
    Sounds intense but I know it's achievable!!! We just have to put our minds to it.
  12. by   Melissahh202
    Hi everyone!
    Does any one know how class schedule is for the May term? Is it Monday -Friday or depends ?
  13. by   Kiverson001
    Hey from what I've heard they don't go every day of the week and I believe they said it was optional to attend the class. However u must be there for test days and first day of class.